How to check the viewing history of Instagram reel (2022 guide)

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You may want to revisit the recipes and comedy videos you saw on Instagram Lille. However, Instagram doesn’t officially have the ability to easily track every reel you watch on the platform. That said There are two effective ways to find the Instagram reel you saw.. So read on to find out how to check your Instagram reel viewing history.

Check the viewing history of Instagram reel (2022)

View your favorite Instagram reels (Android, iOS)

One way to track your Instagram reel viewing history is to use your favorite reel. You can check out your favorite posts to revisit Lille later. Method is as follows.

1. Open the Instagram app and switch to the profile section. Then tap the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) in the upper right corner and Select “Settings”..

Open Instagram settings

2.[設定]Press the search box on the page and[いいねを管理]Search for and tap the result. Instagram has moved from the likes section Account-> Posts you like “Manage likes”.

Manage likes on Instagram

3. You will see all the posts you have recently rated. Then you can find your favorite reel here and track your reel viewing history.

Check out Instagram reels to see history from posts you like

4. Instagram also allows you to sort and filter your favorite posts. To get started Tap the Sort & Filter option Located in the upper right corner.

Sort and filter Instagram posts

5. Now you can sort your favorite posts from newest to oldest, oldest to newest. You also have the option to specify a start and end date to display likes for a specific time period. This is useful when you’re looking for an Instagram reel that you like for a particular month.

View posts in order or sort by date

Check saved Instagram reels to keep track of your watch history

You can also save reels that you find interesting. This takes a different step than rating the post directly, but it helps you organize the reels you want to see later. Here’s how to save your Instagram reel and create a watch history.

1. To save the Instagram reel, tap the three vertical dot menus[保存]Choose. The reel appears in the saved posts section.

Save reels on Instagram

2. To access the saved reels, switch to the profile section and tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner, Select “Saved”..

View saved reels on Instagram

3. You should now see all the posts you have saved on your platform.Tap “All posts” View all saved posts. after that, [リール]Switch to tab Shows all reels saved so far.

View posts stored on Instagram

4. You can also create a collection of your favorite reels. To do this, tap the “+” icon, select a video and name your collection. The new collection appears on the home page in the Saved section. You can use it to curate reels that fit the same theme.

Create a collection of reels


Q: Can I download Instagram activities to see my reel viewing history?

No, I can’t find my viewing history when I request Instagram information. Instead, what you see in the reels.html file downloaded from Instagram is the history of reels uploaded to the platform.

Q: Can I see the reels I saw on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t have a native reel viewing history option. However, as a workaround, you can check your favorite reels and saved reels to see the reel viewing history.

Q: How can I replay Instagram reels?

I like Instagram reels,[いいねを管理]You can find it on the tab and see it again later.

Check the viewing history of Instagram reel

So these are two ways to check your Instagram Reels viewing history on Android and iOS. It’s not easy, but rating and saving reels is a good workaround for revisiting your favorite short videos in the future. On the other hand, if you’re an up-and-coming creator, don’t forget to check out our list of Instagram reel tips and tricks to get the most out of this feature.