How to check the motherboard installed in a Windows PC

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Motherboards are one of the most important parts of a computer, but they don’t get much attention. In fact, most users know at least the basic details such as processor and RAM, but not even the make and model of the computer’s motherboard, so here’s how to help. Check the motherboard installed in your Windows PC.

Check your motherboard model (2021)

Share 4 easy ways to learn motherboard manufacturers and models on your Windows PC. This includes using a command prompt, installing third-party utilities, and checking Windows system information. Now let’s see how to access the motherboard manufacturer and model details on your Windows PC without wasting your time anymore.

Note: The demo contains screenshots of Windows 11, but the method described below also works on Windows 10...

Method 1: Use the system information panel

The easiest way to find information about your Windows PC hardware is[システム情報]Is to use a panel. To use Windows system information to determine which motherboard you are using, follow these steps:

1. Press to open the Run dialog box. Windows key + R at the same time. Here, “Enter or copy and paste”msinfo32(Without quotes) and press Enter.

Note: You can also search for “sysinfo” (without the quotes) in the Windows search box to access system information...

2.[システム情報]In the window,Motherboard manufacturerOr “Baseboard makerThe “” option under “System Overview”. In most cases, the manufacturer of the PC motherboard will be displayed. The model name is “Baseboard products“.

Check the make and model of your PC motherboard

Note: In the screenshot above, KBL stands for (Intel) Kaby Lake and is not the official name of the motherboard manufacturer. This is because some OEMs, such as Acer, intentionally hide the make and model of the motherboard.In that case, you need to refer to the service documentation to know the exact details of the motherboard..

Method 2: Use command prompt

Another easy way to find information about your computer’s motherboard is to use a command prompt. Method is as follows.

1. First, open the “Run” dialog box as shown above. Here, “Enter or copy and paste”cmd.exe(Without quotes) and press Enter to open a command prompt window.

Note: You can also open a command prompt by searching for “cmd” (without the quotes) in the Windows search bar...

2. Then copy and paste the following snippet into the Command Prompt window and press Enter. wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer..

Check the make and model of your PC motherboard

As mentioned above, this command displays the manufacturer and model number of the Windows PC motherboard.

Method 3: Use a third party application

Many third-party applications provide information about system hardware to varying degrees. Here are some of the oldest and most reliable options:

All of these tools are free or shareware, and the last one is even open source. You can use any of them to find out the make and model of your motherboard. However, this article uses CPU-Z. This program is available as a portable zip file. That is, it does not need to be installed on your system for the program to work.

1. Download CPU-Z from the above link, double-click it and click “cpuz_x64.exeIf you are running a 64-bit Windows installation. If in doubt, use the 32-bit version.

2. On the CPU-Z home screen, click “Main boardClick the tab to get more information about your PC motherboard.

Check the make and model of your PC motherboard

Note: To extract CPU-Z files, you need a file archiver tool such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip.All of these are free to use and the latter is also open source..

Method 4: Open the computer case

One of the easiest ways to check your motherboard is to open your PC case. Nowadays it’s easy for desktop computers that have thumbscrews on almost everything. However, for laptops, you need a Phillips screwdriver to open the back cover and access the hardware components.

When you open your computer Find the printed manufacturer’s logo and model number On the motherboard. If you can’t find it on your OEM laptop, you probably need to find a 4-digit chipset code. You can search this on the internet to see which motherboard you are using.

With a bespoke PC you can easily find all the information without sweating, but with an OEM device it can be a bit tricky.

Easily check the make and model of your computer’s motherboard

Oh yeah, that’s it. You can easily check the make and model of the motherboard of your Windows computer. However, if your PC vendor intentionally hides that information, there’s little you can do about it. Either way, now that you know how to check your motherboard, you’ll learn how to check the CPU temperature of your Windows PC. Also, check out 15 ways to improve battery life on your Windows laptop.