How to check if Shadowban is done on Reddit (2022 guide)

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Not being able to create new posts or comment on interesting posts when finding the best subreddit for your niche interests on Reddit can be an unpleasant experience. If no one sees your new post or comment, it may be shadow-banned on your platform. So here are some tips on how to check if Reddit is shadow-banned and how to prevent it.

Check if shadows are prohibited on Reddit (2022)

What is Reddit’s Shadowbanning?

Reddit’s shadow vanning refers to the state Where you can’t create new posts or comments On the platform. If shadowing is prohibited, you can technically create and comment on posts, they Not visible to anyone but you and the moderator of subreddit.. If you’re posting to Reddit and your post doesn’t have a positive, negative, or comment, it may be shadow-banned. Read on to find out how to see if Reddit has banned you from shadowing.

Use secret mode to see if Reddit is shadow-banned

The easiest way to see if shadowing is prohibited is to open the post in secret mode. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open a Reddit post and open it[共有]Click the button Select “Copy Link” Copy the post link. Then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N (Ctrl + Shift + P for Firefox) to open a new secret window. Paste the link into the address bar..

Copy the reddit post link

2. If the post title and body are displayed in secret mode, You can rest assured that shadows are not prohibited... On the other hand, if the post is not displayed in the secret tab, shadow is prohibited.

View posts in secret mode

Post to r / ShadowBan to see if it’s RedditShadowBannedYou

1.1. Go to r / ShadowBan subreddit and create a new post.. Add the required sample text to the title of the post,[投稿]Click the button to post.

Create a new post on reddit

2. Wait a few seconds and the Markdown ShadowBot bot will analyze your account and respond to your post. In addition to the shadow prohibition status of your account, the bot will display the last 100 submissions or comments with subreddit details. It also links posts / comments to indicate if the post has been deleted. In this case, my account is not shadow banned.

Check the result of Shadow Van

Remove Reddit ShadowBan: Increase Appeal

If you find that Reddit is shadow-banning your account, you can: Appeal to recover your account.. To do this, fill out a Reddit appeal form or send a direct message. Here’s how to get started:

1. Go to Reddit’s appeal portal and enter a brief description of the problem in the text box. After explaining the problem, “Read the Reddit Content Policy and Suspension Help articleSelect the check box and click the Submit button. The Reddit support team will then contact you to resolve the issue.

Send reddit appeal

2. Another option is to send a private message to Reddit. Click this direct link to explain the problem you are facing and[送信]Click the button. You will receive an automatic reply acknowledging your message, and Reddit’s support team should respond to your complaint immediately.

Send a private message to reddit

Tips for avoiding Shadowban on Reddit

  • Do not use a VPN while creating a new account

If you create a new Reddit account using one of the best VPNs, that account can trigger Reddit’s spam filters. Therefore, we recommend turning off VPN when signing up for Reddit.

  • Do not manipulate posts from alt accounts

If you try to agree or comment on posts from your alt account to turn your voting system into a game, Reddit may ban you from shadowing. In the worst case scenario, both accounts could be shadow-banned.

  • Don’t click suspicious links

This tip applies when you’re browsing the web, but it’s especially useful here. Be careful not to be fooled by phishing scams that can endanger your account. For more information on this topic, see our Online Fraud Prevention Tips and Tips article.

  • Do not spam more than one subreddit at once

If you self-promote and share the same link with multiple subredds at once, your account may be shadow-banned. As a workaround, you can try sharing your post at short time intervals. In addition, do not share non-topic links to subreddits.

Apart from these tips, Reddit user u / cojoco has put together a complete list in r / ShadowBan subreddit. It is also fixed by the subreddit moderator. This should help you get a better perspective on what to remember when using Reddit.


Q: How long will Reddit Shadowban last?

Unlike account suspension, Reddit’s shadow van lasts forever. To get rid of the shadow bang, you need to increase your appeal.

Q: How do I remove shadow bans on Reddit?

You can recover Reddit from shadows by sending an appeal. If you do not violate Reddit’s Terms of Service, your company’s support team will assist you in restoring your account.

Q: Is Reddit’s shadow van permanent?

It depends on how and why you were shadow banged. If Reddit bans you from shadowing for violating company rules, you’re less likely to get your account back.

Don’t get ShadowBanned on Reddit

So, it’s a way to check if your account is shadow-banned and hopefully restore your account. If Reddit doesn’t restore your account and you’re no longer interested in starting over, check out the list of sites like Reddit and how to permanently remove your Reddit account.