How to check data usage on iPhone

Mobile data may be more affordable in some regions, but carrier data is very expensive in most countries. So if you’re worried about running out of data plans, or just want to access data usage statistics, we’ll do it for you. Here’s how to check your data usage on your iPhone:

How to check data usage on iPhone and reduce unnecessary data consumption

iOS has a built-in cellular data usage tracker that tells you how much data you’ve consumed over a specific time period and how much data each app has consumed. In addition, the amount of data captured by the personal hotspot is also displayed. It doesn’t have the ability to accurately display the amount of data consumed daily or weekly, but a simple workaround can get the information you want.

There are several useful third-party cellular data trackers that can monitor your daily and weekly data consumption. So if the native options don’t help, it’s worth a try. Best of all, if you want to prevent the use of unwanted data, we’ve described effective ways to dominate features that tend to eat up large amounts of cellular data. This detailed guide has a fair idea of ​​what you have to offer, so let’s cut the track forever!

Check the total usage of cellular data for a specific period on iPhone

1. Start Settings app After tapping on the iPhone Cellular / mobile data..

How to check data usage on iPhone

2. Then scroll down Mobile data section.Total consumption of cellular data Current term.. This section also shows the amount of data consumed during the current roaming period.

How to check data usage on iPhone


  • To view mobile data usage for individual system services[設定]->[モバイル/セルラーデータ]->[セルラー]Go to. here,[システムサービス]Tap. Please note that you cannot turn mobile data on / off for individual system services.
  • For iPhones with dual SIM, iOS will display the amount of mobile data used with the selected mobile data number.
  • You can also log in to your mobile operator’s web portal to see how much your mobile data is consumed.
  • You can also see the data roaming number here. This shows the amount of data used during roaming. This can be important if you are trying to understand roaming charges for the billing period.

Easily monitor data usage for specific apps on your iPhone

1. Go to Settings app On iPhone-> Cellular / mobile data..

2. Then scroll down to see a long list of apps. Just below the app, you’ll see how much data the app has consumed.

How to check data usage on iPhone

This is very useful if you want to see how much data is being used by a particular app or text message.

Check the amount of data consumed by personal hotspots on your iPhone

Head to 1. Settings app On iPhone-> Cellular / mobile data..

2. Then scroll down Mobile data section.Check the total data usage right next to you Personal Hotspot.Tap to see all devices that use cellular data Personal hotspot..

How to check data usage on iPhone

Reset cellular data statistics on iPhone

On iOS, you can manually reset the cellular data statistics on your iPhone. Therefore, you can reset the statistics weekly or monthly to see the total usage of cellular data over a particular time period.

1. Open Settings app On your iPhone -> Cellular / Mobile Data..

2. Then scroll to the bottom and tap Statistics reset.. A popup will appear from below asking you to confirm the action.Tap Statistics reset It will end again.

How to check data usage on iPhone

The best cellular data tracker app for iPhone

If you’re not happy with the built-in cellular data tracker, or need a better tool to monitor your data usage in real time, you can perform tasks with these third-party apps.

1. Data Tracker Lite

Data Tracker Lite is a very simple app that allows you to track the usage of cellular and Wi-Fi data on your iPhone. It’s easy to set up and gives you the flexibility you need to customize how your billing cycle and data usage are tracked. In addition, you can use this app to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly data usage.

With clean charts, it’s more convenient for your app to monitor the remaining data, the number of days left, and the remaining data for each day. It also provides a way to check uploaded and downloaded bytes.

DataTracker Lite for iPhone

install: (A free internet data tracker is available for $ 1.99)

2. DataMeter

DataMeter is a lightweight cellular data tracker for iOS. The app allows you to customize cycle settings and track data usage in real time. Thanks to the Today widget, you can monitor your cellular data usage from your iPhone’s lock screen. DataMeter is free to use, but you’ll have to spend $ 1.99 to upgrade to the ad-free version.

DataMeter for iPhone

install: (Free, ad-free version available for $ 1.99)

3. Data Usage Plus

If you need a higher performance cellular data tracker for iPhone and iPad, Data Usage Plus is a better choice. What stands out compared to other products is the ability to provide a detailed history of cellular / Wi-Fi data usage. Prediction Prediction, daily limits, alerts, and other features allow you to control your data usage. We also provide the Apple Watch app, so you can monitor your data usage in real time from your wrist.

Data Usage Plus for iPhone and iPad

install: ($ 0.99)

Useful Tips for Reducing Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

If you’re worried about the rapid consumption of cellular data on your iPhone, there are several effective ways you can significantly reduce your device’s data usage.

Allow only certain apps to use cellular data

For me, the best way to reduce cellular data usage on the iPhone is to allow only certain apps access to the data. In this way, you can prevent many apps from unnecessarily eating up your data. Prohibiting the app from using cellular data forces the app to use Wi-Fi only.

  • Head to -> Mobile phone / mobile data setting app.. Scroll down to find a list of apps that have access to your data. Then turn the toggle next to the specific app off / on as needed.
Allow only certain apps to access iPhone mobile data

Enable low data mode

“Low power mode” is for batteries and “low data mode” is for cellular. When enabled, background tasks such as auto-update and photo syncing will be automatically suspended and iPhone cellular data will be retained.

  • invite iPhone Settings App-> Mobile / Cellular Data-> Mobile / Cellular Data Options Then turn on the toggle next to it Low data mode..
How to check data usage on iPhone


  • For iPhone 12 and later with 5G, move to the following location Settings app-> Cellular / Mobile-> Cellular / Mobile Data Options-> Data Mode-> Low Data Mode.
  • Note that 5G on iPhone 12 and above also has an option to select standard mode. When you enable standard mode, iOS allows updates and background tasks on your phone, but limits the quality of your video and FaceTime.Open Settings app-> Cellular / Mobile-> Cellular / Mobile Data Options-> Data Mode-> Standard.

Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

To prevent a sloppy Wi-Fi connection from stopping communication, games, or video / music streaming, iOS will automatically start using a cellular connection when it detects an inadequate Wi-Fi connection. .. Wi-Fi Assist is designed to improve the experience, but trying to hide non-functional Wi-Fi can eat up large amounts of mobile data. Therefore, if you want to reduce data consumption, be sure to disable it.

Turn off Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

Allow background app updates only over Wi-Fi

If your iPhone doesn’t manage background app updates smartly, it may be eating up a lot of data on your device. Thankfully, iOS gives you the control you need for this data-intensive feature. Therefore, you can choose to disable it completely, update only the selected app in the background, or update the app only over Wi-Fi.

  • Move to Settings app-> General-> Background app update Then manage the settings as needed.
Manage background app updates on your iPhone

In addition, you can limit your app to use less cellular data on your iPhone. For example, enable Data Saver on Spotify ([設定]Icon->[データセーバー]), You can force the app to consume less data while streaming music, or you can set WhatsApp to consume less mobile data during video / audio calls ()[設定]->[ストレージとデータ]). -> Reduce the data used for calls). If you want to know more efficient way to control data usage on iPhone, please check this detailed guide.

Easily track cellular data usage on iOS

That’s it. In short, these are ways to monitor mobile data usage on your iPhone and reduce unnecessary data consumption. The built-in cellular tracker is very efficient, but there is no option to view real-time data consumption. But don’t worry. This is where third-party data trackers play a role. However, please provide feedback and recommended ways to monitor mobile data usage on iOS.