How to check and clear Spotify listening history (2022)

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Spotify has a listening history feature that you can check to revisit recently listened songs. If you’re looking for a way to see a list of songs you’ve recently played on Spotify, read on. I also explained whether you can clear the listening history of Spotify.

Check and clear Spotify listening history (2022)

Check Spotify listening history (Desktop and Web)

1. When you open the Spotify app,[ホーム]On the tab[最近再生した]The section is displayed. Click the Show All button to see the complete list.

View all recently played Spotify

2. Expand the list and Spotify will show you the recently played songs, artists and playlists. If you want to see a list of recently played songs instead, check the steps below.

View all recently played songs, artists, and playlists

3. To see the recently played songs, in the lower right corner of the app[キュー]Click the button Switch to the “Recently Played” tab..

Switch to the recently played tab

4. You should now see your Spotify listening history. This section makes it easy to keep track of a list of recently played songs on Spotify.

Songs recently played on spotify

Check your Spotify listening history on mobile (Android and iOS)

It’s even easier to see your Spotify listening history on mobile. Open the Spotify app Tap the clock icon Located in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap this button to move to the song list. Like the desktop version, “Recently playedOf the app[ホーム]It’s also on the tab.

View Spotify listening history

Clear Spotify Listening History: Is It Possible?

Clear Spotify listening history

Older Spotify desktop apps had the option to remove songs from recently played sections. but, With the new Spotify UI, you can no longer clear your Spotify listening history.. On the other hand, songs played during a private session will also appear in the recently played list.

If you want to hide what you’re currently playing from the people you follow on Spotify, check out the next section.

Keep Spotify listening history private

1. To hide Spotify listening activity on your desktop, click on profile[設定]Choose. Then scroll down until you find the “Social” section, “Share listening activity on Spotify” toggle.. In addition, you can turn on private sessions from this page. The music you play in your private session does not affect your recommendations.

Hide Spotify listening history or use a private session

2. In the Spotify mobile app, it’s in the upper right corner[設定]You can tap the icon to disable listening activity. Turn off “Listening activity” toggle..

Turn off listening activity spotifymobile


Q: Can I use Spotify Private Session to prevent songs from being recorded in my listening history?

Contrary to popular belief, songs played in a private session will appear in your listening history. When you enable private sessions, Spotify doesn’t show the music you’re playing to your friends and doesn’t affect your favorite songs.

Q: Can I see other people’s Spotify listening history?

No, Spotify doesn’t show other people’s listening history. However, if someone else has this option enabled, you can see the artists you recently played. You can also see what your mutual followers are currently playing from the sidebar on the right side of the desktop app.

Q: Can anyone see my Spotify listening history?

[最近再生したアーティストを公開プロフィールに表示する]When you enable toggles, you may be able to see the artists that others have recently played, but no one can see your listening history.

Check your Spotify listening history

Here’s how to check your Spotify listening history on your desktop and mobile. If you’re interested in getting insights into Spotify’s listening habits, don’t forget to read the article on how to see Spotify stats. For tips like this, here are some of the best Spotify tips and tricks.