How to change the status of discord in 2022 (Guide)

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With Discord, you can change your online status to find out if it’s a good time for your friends to contact you. You can set the status to online, idle, or silent (DND). You can also hide Discord status to hide your gaming activities from your nosy friends. However, you have full access to all the features of Discord. That said, I’ve detailed how to change the status of Discord on desktop and mobile.

Discord status change (2022)

What do all Discord status icons mean?

Please select a discord status

The Discord status icon represents the user’s current status in Discord. The available status options include[オンライン],[アイドル],[サイレント],and[非表示]there is. And the meaning of each colored status icon is as follows:

1. A green icon indicates that the user is online About discord.

2. The yellow moon icon means that the user is idle.. Discord will automatically set the user’s status as idle if the user has been inactive for some time.

3. The red icon is Do not disturb the mode Also, you will not receive any notifications in DND mode.

4. Keep in mind that if you set the status to hidden, it will be displayed offline, but you will have full access to all Discord features. A gray hollow icon appears in the profile icon.

5. In addition to these Purple icon When the user is streaming on Twitch on YouTube.

Change Discord Status on Desktop / Website

1. Open Discord Click on your profile picture It’s to the left of your username in the lower left corner of the screen.

Access Discord Status tab

2. Now you will see a popup with an option to change the Discord status. Choose the one that works best for you, and you’re all ready!

Please select a discord status

Set custom status on Discord desktop / website

1. You can also set a custom status for Discord. click “Set custom statusClick From the pop-up menu to access the status creation interface.

Set custom status

4. On the next screen, you can set a custom status with an optional emoji and configure the status as follows: Clear after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 1 day.. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Save custom status

5. Custom status is displayed under the name of the Discord home screen and the side panel of the server to which it belongs. Other Discord users will also see your status in your Discord profile and can customize it to your liking.

Custom status mismatch

6. All you have to do to clear Discord status Click the “X” button Next to the custom status in the pop-up menu that appears when you click on your profile picture.

Clear status

Change Discord status on mobile (Android, iOS)

1. Open the Discord app and Tap your profile picture Access your preferences in the bottom navigation bar. now, Select “Set Status” Select one of the available status options — online, idle, silent, hidden.

Set status discord mobile

2. To set a custom status for Discord Select “Set Custom Status” Enter the status in the text box, along with the optional emoji icon. After that, select the timing when Discord clears the status (custom status period),[保存]You need to tap the icon.

Set custom status discord

3. If you want to remove the custom status before it expires, tap Set Status again and press the “X” icon next to the custom status.

Clear custom status


Q: Does Discord automatically change its status to offline?

Yes, Discord will automatically change its status to idle if it is inactive and you haven’t used the app for a while. Closing the app on your desktop or mobile device sets the Discord status to offline.

Q: Do you know if anyone can see it on Discord?

No, there’s no way in Discord to see if anyone can’t see you or if you’re actually offline.

Q: Can Discord display to one person offline?

At this time, Discord cannot be viewed offline to a specific person. If you set the status to hidden, it will be visible to everyone in Discord.

Q: Do you know if someone read your message on Discord?

No, Discord doesn’t have a read confirmation message. You have to wait for a reply to know if the other person has read your message.

Q. What does the colored icon next to the Discord avatar mean?

Discord has a total of five colored icons next to your user avatar. A green icon indicates online status and a yellow moon icon indicates that the user is idle. A red icon represents silent mode and a purple icon indicates that the user is streaming on Twitch or YouTube. A gray icon indicates that the user is offline or has the status set to hidden.

Keep your friends up to date with Discord Online status

Here’s how to change the online status of Discord. With Discord, I like to allow users to hide their status and continue to use the platform without the pressure of Discord pings or replying to endless streams of messages. Now, before changing the status of Discord, it’s a good idea to check how to install Discord theme and see the best Discord theme choices available.