How to change the phone number with Signal (2022)

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Signal announced the long-awaited features of Android and iOS apps in early February. This new feature allows Signal users to change phone numbers without losing individual and group chats, much like WhatsApp works. This is in addition to the simple Signal account migration introduced for users last year. Now, if you want to learn how to change your phone number in Signal, keep reading.

Signal adds new “Change Phone Number” feature (2022)

What is Signal’s phone number change feature?

The secure messaging platform recently announced this feature through an official blog post. Previously, Signal removed existing chats and groups from the app when the user switched to a new phone number. Yes, to switch to a new number, all you had to do was delete your old Signal account and create a new one with your new phone number.With the latest rollout, you will be able to: Keep chat, group, and profile information intact when changing phone numbers..

Signal that changed contact number notification

Furthermore, if you change the phone number, Signal contacts receive chat notifications, Notifies you that you have switched to a new number.However, it is worth mentioning Changes are irreversible If you revert to your old phone number.

How to change the phone number with Signal (Android and iOS)

If you want to change the number while preserving your previous profile and chat with Signal, follow the steps below. I used an iOS device to demonstrate the process, but the same steps work for Android. The mechanism is as follows.

  • Open the Signal app and Tap the profile photo icon in the upper left corner Open the overflow menu.
Signal iOS app profile section
  • If you are using an iPhone “ConfigurationGo to “”account“. Android users need to go to the settings page and go directly to the Accounts page.
Signal iOS app account settings
  • Here is new “”Change phone number“” Options under the “Account” settings section at the bottom. Tap it to start the process.
Change phone number options in Signal iOS app settings
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. You will need to enter your old and new phone numbers using your country and region code. By changing the number, you can start using Signal with your new phone number without losing your previous conversation.
Details to enter to use the change phone number feature on the signal

Change signal phone number: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Signal on two phones?

Unfortunately, Signal only works on one phone at a time. To use Signal on two phones, you need to create a new Signal account with a different number.

Q: Can I change the Signal number?

Signal recently launched a new feature that allows users to change their phone number without losing their chat. If you don’t see this feature, you can update the Signal app to switch to a new phone number.

Q: Can someone register a Signal account with my old number?

If a new person registers with your old signal number, that person will not be able to access your message history. If the user sends a message to a contact with an old number, the Signal app will also notify the user about the change in safety number.

Q: Can I revert my Signal account to the old number?

No, even if you switch the Signal number, Signal cannot return to the original number.

Signals make it easy to change your phone number

The new Change Phone Number option is now available as part of the latest update. That is, Signal v5.27.1.0 on iOS and v5.30.6 on Android devices. If you don’t see this feature, please update your Signal app from the Play Store or App Store to change your Signal number. And if you’re a regular user, check out the stories about the best Signal features to get the most out of your messaging experience. Have you been waiting for the ability to switch the signal number for the longest time? Well, that’s possible now, so don’t waste your time anymore, and switch your phone number easily. Also, if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.