How to change the app icon on the iPhone home screen

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What you need to know before changing the iPhone app icon:

  • Make sure you have Desired image In the photo app or file app.
    You can use images clicked on your iPhone, images downloaded from the Internet, icon packs purchased from sites such as Icons8, and more.
  • Customized app icons Don’t show notifications badge.
  • The process Simple However, it takes time to customize dozens of app icons.

With the built-in iPhone Shortcuts app, you can set any image as a home screen app icon for a unique and exciting look. Instead of the actual iOS app icon, you can use images of friends, favorite superheroes, cartoons, or whatever you like. Let’s dive in and learn how to change the app icon on an iPhone running iOS 13 or later.

How to customize app icons on iPhone (iOS 14 or later)

The steps and screenshots below are for an iPhone running iOS 15. If you are using iOS14, the steps are similar, but there may be visual changes in the screenshots.

  1. Open Shortcut Go to the app and click “My shortcut“Tab.
  2. Tap + Icon It is in the upper right.
  3. Tap Add action..
  4. Now tap Scripting..
    If you don’t see this, use the search bar to search.

    Tap the script from the iPhone shortcut app

  5. Tap Open the app..
  6. Light blue “AppEnter the word “” and select the app for which you want to create an icon on the home screen.

    Select an app to change the iPhone icon

  7. Then tap Other icons Upper right (see image).

    Tap the adjustment icon from the iPhone shortcut app

  8. Tap Add to home screen..
  9. Tap Small image Bottom left and Please select an image Take a photo from the File app, the Photos app, or.
  10. To remove New shortcut Enter the text and replace it with the app name.
    Tips: Don’t you want to put the app name under the app icon to keep your home screen clean? Leave the name field blank.
  11. Finally, tap add to..

    Customize app icons on iPhone with iOS14

The shortcut of the app with the desired app icon set on the iPhone home screen is displayed. Repeat this process for all other apps you need.

To open the app, tap the new app icon. If you are using iOS 14.3 or later, the app will open directly. However, if you are using an earlier iOS version, the shortcut app will open first, then the actual app. To fix this annoyance, please update your iPhone.

What to do after changing the app icon

After performing the above steps multiple times and creating some custom app icons, you need to remove the actual standard app icon to give it an exciting look. What does it mean to have two app icons in the same app?

Press and tap the actual app icon Delete the appDelete from home screen.. This app icon will now appear in your app library instead of your home screen.

Then use a combination of iOS widgets, third-party widgets such as Widgetsmith, and customized app icons for a truly unique iPhone home screen look. It will take a few minutes, but as you can see from the tweet below, the results are great after that!

Additional Information: Some apps, such as Reddit and Over, provide an internal way to use different (non-custom) app icons. This is in each app setting.

Change the Reddit app icon from the built app

Did you change the iPhone app icon? If yes, what did you set as the app icon? Share your answer in the comments below.

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