How to change power mode settings in Windows 11

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All recent versions of Windows come with a power mode setting that allows you to control the power consumption of your computer. Windows 11 is no exception. This means that, like previous versions, Windows 11 also allows you to assign different settings to balance performance and energy consumption. Today, we’ll see how you can change your Windows 11 computer’s power mode settings to extend battery life and improve system performance.

Change power mode settings in Windows 11 (Guide)

By default, Windows 11 uses a “balanced” power mode that optimizes performance with power consumption. However, you can change this to save energy at the expense of raw performance or increase battery usage for best performance. Windows 10 provided at least three ways to change the device’s power mode settings. This includes an option to quickly switch between power modes from the battery icon in the system tray on the taskbar. In Windows 11, Control Panel or[設定]It can only be executed from the menu. Now let’s see how it works.

Method 1: Change the power mode in Windows 11 settings

The easiest way to switch power modes in Windows 11 is to use the Settings app. And this is how you follow it:

  • Using the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut Win + I[設定]Open. next,[システム左側のサイドバーで」を選択し、「電源」を選択します(「電源とバッテリー」(ラップトップの場合)を右ペインから表示します。

  • 次に、「パワーモード」をクリックし、ドロップダウンメニュー(デフォルトでは[バランス]Is displayed) to choose from three available modes: best power efficiency, balance, and best performance.

Change power mode settings in Windows 11

All changes you make are automatically saved. Based on the mode you choose, Windows 11 either sacrifices battery consumption to improve performance or sacrifices performance to extend battery life. Of course, the default “balance” option remains the midpoint between performance and battery life.

  • You can also customize the setting for how long your Windows 11 PC stays inactive before it turns off the screen or goes to sleep. To do this,Screen and sleepSelect the option and select the desired time period from each drop-down menu. You can see my personalized settings in the screenshot below.

How to change power mode settings in Windows 11

that’s it.Now on your Windows 11 computer[設定]I was able to change the power mode normally from the menu.

Method 2: Change the power mode from the Windows 11 control panel

Another way to change the power mode setting in Windows 11 is to use the control panel. This method is similar to setting the power mode in Windows 10, and many may already be accustomed to it. Follow the steps below.

  • Open Control Panel on your Windows 11 computer. To do this, search for “control” (without the quotes) in the Windows search bar and then “Control panelFrom the result. “

  • In Control Panel, make sure you are using the Icon view (small or large) and clickPower options“.

  • Then select the preferred power mode for Windows 11. Available options include balance (recommended), power saving, and high performance. Choose one of the three plans to keep the default settings orChange plan settingsDisplay the option next to your desired plan and adjust it to your needs.
  • In addition, you can create a power plan from scratch. To do this,Create a power planIt’s in the left sidebar. “

How to change power mode settings in Windows 11

Note: If you don’t see any of the three plans on your device, it’s at the bottom[追加のプランを表示]Click to see all available plans..

  • Change plan settings“You can fine-tune your power plan to determine how long your computer stays idle before it goes to sleep or the screen turns off. You can also press.Change advanced power settingsUse the option to make other changes to your power plan. click “Save your changesWhen you’re done. “

How to change power mode settings in Windows 11

that’s it. You have successfully changed the power mode from the control panel of your Windows 11 computer.

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