How to change iPhone snooze time on iOS 14

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The iPhone alarm clock snooze time is 9 minutes by default, and there is no way to edit it directly in the native clock app. This means that you can’t change the snooze time on your iPhone if you need extra time to get up. But don’t worry.

There are two workarounds to buy more time. But first of all!

What is the reason behind the 9 minute snooze time?

It dates back to the days when only mechanical gear watches existed. Adjusting the gear teeth for exactly 10 minutes acted as a physical limitation, and you had to choose between 9 minutes or 10 minutes or more.

This begins with the biological reasons people reported in the 1950s. The hypothesized and sensible reason is that 10 minutes was enough for people who were already semi-sleepy to return to deep sleep.

This means they wake up and become frustrated again. Therefore, the best time to take the last and last nap without losing yourself again in the dream world is 9 minutes.

Another reason that sounds more logical was that the snooze function time had to be the maximum single digit number.

In any case, it’s unclear why Apple adopted the idea of ​​a default snooze time of 9 minutes, especially if the iPhone doesn’t have such a limit.

Anyway, if you want to change this default standard of 9 minutes, keep reading.

How to edit iPhone snooze time using Clocks app

Instead of changing the snooze time, you need to set multiple alarms at longer time intervals. This will automatically increase the snooze time. This is the easiest workaround to do without downloading the app.

For example, you have to get up at 5 am, but you need to increase your snooze time. Therefore, you only need to set multiple alarms with long time lags. First set the alert alarm to sound at 4:45 am in 15 minutes of free time, then sound another alarm at 5 am.

Understand how to do that.

  1. Open Clock app..
  2. Tap alarm Bottom tab.
  3. Tap + Located in the upper right corner.
  4. Please enter your desired time using either Scroll wheel Or Numeric keypad..
    Note: If you are using the 24-hour format setting on your iPhone, the AM / PM slider will not be displayed while creating an alarm.
  5. Once set, Switch snooze off..
  6. Finally, tap save Set the first alarm in the upper right corner.

    Edit iPhone snooze time using Clocks app

  7. Then follow the steps above to set another alarm.
    In my case it’s 5am..

This means that two alarms have been set. One acts as a warning alarm indicating that you are about to wake up at 4:45 am, and the other acts as a main alarm at 5 am to let you know that it is time to finally start. Day.

Or You can also shorten the snooze time. Just set multiple alarms with little time difference.

Consider the same example as above. If you want to wake up at 5am but need a shorter snooze time, set multiple alarms with a small time lag (for example, 5 minutes) to sound before the alarm that is set at 5am.

Additional Information: If you wake up earlier than your desired snooze time, go to the Clock app and manually disable the remaining alarms to avoid frustration.

Customize iPhone snooze time using third party apps

Apart from the steps above, which work very well for changing snooze time, many third-party apps on the App Store can help you customize your snooze time. Add-ons are also to provide additional functionality.

In this article, I used Alarmy to explain how a third-party alarm app works.

  1. Download Alarmy from App Store..
  2. Open the app and tap + It’s on the bottom right.
  3. Tap alarm..
  4. Use to select the desired wakeup time Scroll wheel Tap Snooze..

    Customize iOS snooze time using third party apps

  5. choose Snooze time hit Has completed.
  6. Finally, tap Done Set the alarm again.

    Select snooze time in the alarm clock iOS app

  7. option: Use the recorded sound as an alarm, or listen to the app’s sleep sound and fall asleep.

Additional Information: Alarmy offers a variety of fun activities such as solving math problems, taking pictures, playing memory games, reading the news, and checking horoscopes to help you wake up in the morning.

Other alarm apps I recommend:

  1. My alarm clock
  2. Clock: Alarm clock, world clock
  3. Loud alarm clock

Note: The procedure is almost the same as changing the snooze time in all apps.

That is, how to change the snooze time on your iPhone using the built-in Clocks app or a third-party app. Which third party is most useful to you? Please let us know in the comments.

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