How to change emoji shirt color on iPhone and iPad

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Memojis gives users a better representation of themselves with a wealth of customization options. However, did you notice that certain sticker styles have a default white shirt? Little known, you can change the color of your shirt to complete your emoji avatar and match it to your personality!

Don’t know how? To edit the emoji shirt color on your iPhone and iPad, please follow the steps below. And if you stick to the end, you’ll find exciting tips!

How to edit emoji clothes color on iOS

  1. Open message..
  2. Tap conversation..
  3. choose Emoji Bottom icon.
  4. Tap the emoji you want to change the color of your shirt.
  5. Tap 3 dots Hit on the left edit..
    Note: Tap to create a new emoji New emoji..
  6. Move to hat..
  7. Then select the color you want for your shirt from below Color palette..
    Note: You can also slide across Color slider To adjust Color contrast Of the costume.

    Change the color of the emoji shirt on your iPhone

  8. Then tap end..

    Change the color of the emoji shirt to green on iPhone and iPad

Bonus: Not only to change the color of the emoji shirt Face mask The color of the emoji, if any.Just obey The above procedure Until you enter hat Open the section and scroll to the bottom.Then there is a section called Face cover.. Select a face cover and change its color.

Change the color of the face cover with Memoji on iPhone

This is how to change the color of Memoji shirts on iPhone and iPad. If you have any problems during that time, please let us know in the comments below.

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