How to change countries with Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video has a great catalog of movies and TV shows. However, the availability of certain content depends on your streaming rights and licenses in your country. Not even some Amazon original movies are available in all countries. please do not worry. You can quickly get around these geographic restrictions by using the methods described in this article. Useful for viewing content available in other countries. In addition, you’ll see some additional benefits of changing your location on Amazon Prime Video. So let’s get started without any further effort.

How to change countries with Amazon Prime Video (2022)

There are two ways to change your country with your Amazon Prime account. The official way is to update your Amazon account address. The permanent shipping address will change and you will be able to pay using the currency of the country of your choice. Another option is to use a VPN to temporarily log in from another country. This method is exciting and has additional benefits such as increased security while browsing and lower subscription prices. Let’s see how to use these methods to change your location or country in Amazon Prime Video.

How to change countries from your Amazon account

If you’re traveling to another location, you’ll need to change your country with your Amazon account. This will allow you to shop in the new area and pay in your local currency. For example, if you change the location to Hong Kong, you will be able to purchase items from in the Chinese currency RMB. Therefore, if your goal is to move your Amazon account to another country, you can do it in the following ways:

  • Open the Amazon website On a computer / laptop, and log in To your account.
Log in to your Amazon account
  • next,”Accounts and listsClick the “in the upper right corner” button and click “Manage content and devicesFrom the drop-down menu. “
Manage content and devices with your Amazon account
  • here, [設定]Select a tab..
Amazon account settings settings
  • now, Select Country / Region Settings and click Change..
Change country / region settings in your Amazon account
  • Lastly, Please fill in all the details Of your new address [更新]Choose..
Update your address to another country with your Amazon account

Amazon will notify you of the change and ask for confirmation. Confirming your selection will change the major countries of your Amazon account. If you’re wondering what to type in the address bar, search for a hotel in your area and enter that address to continue. There are some points to keep in mind when changing countries.

Precautions when changing countries with an Amazon account.

  • Amazon will transfer your Kindle account to your new country account and all your data will continue to be available.
  • Once your account is transferred, you will need to update all one-click payment methods.
  • You will not be able to log in to an account in your previous country. For example, if you transfer your account from India to Hong Kong, you can log in to, but not
  • Amazon will transfer your Amazon Prime membership and Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Appstore subscriptions to your new account.
  • You will need to renew your membership in the local currency of your new country. Prime subscription prices, on the other hand, vary by country of choice. (Using this method, you can watch Amazon Prime Video at a lower price using your secondary account)
  • Amazon Gift Card and promotion balances will not be transferred to your new account. However, if you change to the previous country again, it will be withheld.

You can read more about what Amazon transfers and does not transfer with your account by visiting this link. You don’t need to change countries using this method to watch Prime Video content that isn’t available in your country. We recommend that you use a VPN instead. Let’s see how to use a VPN to change countries in Amazon Prime Video and access a catalog with a different title.

How to change the country of Amazon Prime Video using a VPN

VPN is the best option for changing your Prime Video region to any country. However, choosing a VPN wisely is essential. Prime Video can use a VPN to detect and block all accounts. Therefore, the VPN should be able to bypass this check. NordVPN (review) is used to demonstrate this article. NordVPN can be used on various devices such as smart TVs, Android smartphones, macOS, PlayStation, iPhone, Firestick, etc... Therefore, compatibility with various devices and premium services makes NordVPN a good candidate for personal security. In addition, you can change your Netflix region using a reliable VPN like NordVPN.

After deciding which VPN service to use, you should consider clearing the app data to watch Prime Video. With the Prime Video application, you can change the location of Prime Video using compatible devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, PCs, Macs, and game consoles. Therefore, you need to clear the app data after connecting to the VPN server.

Otherwise, you can choose to use a secondary browser on your computer for the best experience. I’m using Microsoft Edge for the demo because I don’t use it in general. Who! So you don’t have to worry about losing important bookmarks and saved pages when you erase your browser data. We’ll talk more about this later. This method also works smoothly with Prime Video computer applications. Now let’s see how to use a VPN with detailed steps to change the Prime Video region.

How to change Prime Video Region using VPN

  • Open the VPN application.. In my case it’s NordVPN.
  • now, Search country Your favorite and connection in addition.
Connect to VPN
  • When you’re done Open a secondary browser.. In my case it’s Microsoft Edge. If you use a computer or smartphone application, reset or format the application from the settings. Alternatively, you can reinstall the Prime Video app.
  • now, Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to clear your browsing data.. This shortcut works in the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Mozilla. Select all data in all time ranges and Click Clear Data.“”
Clear all browsing data
  • now, Visit the Prime Video website.. If it is not English, you can see the changed language.
Open the Prime Video website
  • Log in to your Amazon account Use credentials.
Add login credentials to the Prime Video website
  • Providing two-factor authentication If enabled. Otherwise, skip this step.
Two-factor authentication for Prime Video login
  • Search for title You want to see and have fun.
Wolves like me available on Prime Video in Canada

Use your VPN smartly with Amazon Prime Video

When you connect to the VPN server, the website you visit will display the new IP address associated with the selected country. Helps you to see the content catalog for that country. Therefore, it is helpful to know in advance which show you want to see. Then select the country that hosts the title. You can use to see if a particular title is available in a particular country. For example, I would like to see “Wolf Like Me” which is not available in India.

Wolves like me are not available in India

So, search for the title on and manually change the country where the show is streamed on Amazon Prime Video. It turns out that Wolf Like Me is available in Canada. So select Canada for your VPN server. Otherwise, you can also select your country on and select Prime Video. This site displays a catalog of movies and TV shows available in that country. I prefer the first method because it’s not a hassle and I’m not confused about deciding on a show. After connecting to the VPN, you can easily stream Wolf Like Me in your browser.

Wolves like me available on Prime Video in Canada

If you don’t see the title, try clearing the data again or reinstalling the application.


Why is my Amazon Video in another language?

If you’re using a VPN, you can view Amazon Prime Video in a different language. However, if you are using a web browser,[英語に翻訳]You can delete it immediately using the button. If you’re using the app and don’t know the language, disconnect the VPN and try again.

How do I change the country of Amazon Prime Video without a VPN?

You can change your country on Amazon from its main website. After logging in [設定]>[コンテンツとデバイス]>[設定], Change country. It will allow you to pay in the new currency. If you are traveling to another country, this method works well. However, changing countries and staying in the same location will not unblock geographically restricted content.

In what countries is Amazon Prime Video available?

Amazon Prime Video is available in over 200 countries, excluding Mainland China, Syria, North Korea and Iran. However, not all titles are available in all countries. If you are traveling to another country[海外での視聴]You can check the section to see which titles you can continue to watch. Otherwise, you can change the location using the method described in this article.

Can I change my Amazon region using a free VPN?

Unfortunately, free VPNs can’t bypass the security implied by Amazon to protect your content. All titles are individually licensed for streaming in each country, so using a VPN to change location is not specified by Amazon. Free VPNs can be easily detected and your account may be blocked. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a premium VPN service like NordVPN.

Change Prime Video Region

Amazon Prime Video is available as a separate service or as a bundled membership with Amazon Prime in over 200 countries. However, not all countries are streaming all available titles. Learned how to use a VPN to change the country of your Amazon account, bypass geographic restrictions, and watch previously unavailable content. We also found out how to change the country in the official way. This will give you access to Prime Video benefits at an affordable price. We recommend using a secondary account as changes will prevent you from shopping in your current country. Finally, if your sole purpose is to watch content from other regions, use a reliable VPN service such as NordVPN. Check if the title is available in a particular country and select that location as your VPN server. I hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions about the topic, please comment below the query.