How to change admin in Windows 11

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Windows administrator accounts have many advantages over standard user accounts. This includes features such as changing security settings, installing software for all users, accessing all files on the device, and changing to other user accounts. New user accounts created in Windows 11 are standard by default, but you can change them to admin at any time.

Change of administrator of Windows 11 (2021)

This article describes how to change the administrator of your Windows 11 computer. In this guide, you can assign administrator privileges to all users of your Windows 11 PC to allow them to make the same changes. It also describes all the important things to keep in mind before granting administrator privileges to standard user accounts. Let’s get started.

Account type change in Windows 11: Things to remember

  • As mentioned above, when you create a new account in Windows 11, it defaults to the “Standard” type and has limited privileges. Standard account users can run existing applications (if installed for all users), perform basic tasks, and change system settings that are relevant only to the account.
  • Administrators, on the other hand, have extensive authority to make virtually any system-wide change that affects all user accounts. An account with administrator privileges can make a variety of changes, from installing software to adding hardware, accessing protected system files, and changing security settings.
  • Another important thing to note here Only users with Windows 11 administrator privileges can change the account type of other users... Therefore, whether you promote a standard user to administrator or demote an administrator account to standard user, you must log in from the administrator account to do so.
  • Finally, the original Windows 11 user account always has administrator privileges by default. To revoke these permissions, you must first create another administrator account on your computer. You can then log in from the new administrator account and change the original user account from administrator to standard.

Now that you understand the basics of the two types of user accounts in Windows 11, let’s see how to change your account from standard to administrator.

Note: The following method works for both local user accounts and Microsoft accounts..

Method 1: Change the account type in the settings

The easiest way to grant or revoke administrator privileges on your account is to use Windows 11 settings. Method is as follows.

  • Use the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I to open your PC settings.[設定]In the panel, on the left sidebar[アカウント]Click and[家族や他のユーザー右ペインの「」。

  • 次のページで、 ターゲットアカウントをクリックします 標準から管理者に変更したい。 次に、「アカウントタイプの変更「アカウントオプション」の横にある」。


  • そのユーザーのアカウントタイプを変更できるポップアップウィンドウが表示されます。 ポップアップで、ドロップダウンメニューをクリックし、[管理者「。 最後に、[OK]Click the button to implement the changes.

How to change admin in Windows 11

You have successfully changed the standard demo user account on your Windows 11 PC to administrator.

Method 2: Change the administrator account from the control panel

You can also change the standard user to administrator from the control panel of your Windows 11 computer. This is how you do it:

  • Open Control Panel on your Windows 11 PC. To do this, search for “control” (without the quotes) in the Windows search bar and then “Control panelFrom the result. “

  • In the control panel,User accountYou are using the Icon view (small or large) or the Category view, regardless of whether you are using.

Note: Control panel[カテゴリ]If you are using views, try again on the next page[ユーザーアカウント]You need to click to proceed to the next step.However, if you are using the “Icons” view (smaller or larger), go directly to the next step..

  • click “Manage another account“.

  • On the next page, select your target account.

  • next,”Change account type“.

Use the Windows 11 Control Panel to change the account type from standard to administrator

  • On the next page, select the account type[標準]from[管理者]Change to. Lastly,”Account type change“At the bottom” button.

Use the Windows 11 Control Panel to change the account type from standard to administrator

  • This will automatically return you to the previous screen and confirm that your user account has administrator privileges.

Method 3: Change the account type using the User Accounts panel

The third way to change the administrator in Windows 11 is to use the User Accounts panel. Follow the guide below for instructions.

  • RunIn the dialog box, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R. Now type “”.netplwizType “” (without the quotes) in the text box and press Enter.

  • [ユーザーアカウント]In the window, select the account you want to grant administrator privileges to[プロパティ「。 これにより、そのアカウントの[プロパティ]A window will open.

Note: Double-click the target user account,[プロパティ]You can also open a window..

  • [プロパティ]In the window[グループメンバーシップ” タブ。 ここで、「管理者」をクリックし、下部にある「適用」をクリックして変更を保存します。

Windows 11のユーザーアカウントパネルを使用して、アカウントタイプを標準から管理者に変更する

これで、選択したユーザーアカウントにPCの管理者権限が付与されます。 GUIオプションから離れて、コマンドプロンプトとWindowsPowershellを使用してWindows11の管理者を変更する方法を確認しましょう。


コマンドプロンプトは、Windows11コンピューターの管理者を変更するもう1つの方法です。 これがあなたがそれについて行く方法です:

  • まず、管理者モードでコマンドプロンプトウィンドウを開きます。 これを行うには、Windowsサーチバーで「cmd」(引用符なし)を検索し、「管理者として実行「。

  • 次に、次のコマンドをコピーして[コマンドプロンプト]Paste it into the window. net localgroup Administrators "Demo User" /add Press Enter. Replace “demo user” with the actual account name Grant administrator privileges.You receive the message you say “The command completed successfully”..

Change account type from standard to administrator using command prompt in Windows 11

  • To remove administrator privileges from your account, run the following command: net localgroup Administrators "Demo User" /delete.. Again, replace the demo user with the actual account name of the target user.

Change account type from standard to administrator using command prompt in Windows 11

Method 5: Change account type using PowerShell

Another way to change the standard user account to administrator in Windows 11 is to use Windows PowerShell. Method is as follows.

  • Open Windows PowerShell in administrator mode. To do this, search for “powershell” in the Windows search bar and then “Run as administrator“.

  • Copy and paste the following command and press Enter. Add-LocalGroupMember -Group “Administrators” -Member “Demo User”..

Use PowerShell on Windows 11 to change account type from standard to admin

Note: Unlike the command prompt, there is no feedback that the command was executed successfully.Unless you receive an error message, it means that you have successfully tried to change the permissions of your user account...

  • You can undo your changes using the following command: Remove-LocalGroupMember -Group “Administrators” -Member “Demo User”

Use PowerShell on Windows 11 to change account type from standard to admin

Note: In both cases, replace the demo user with the name of the actual user account you are trying to promote to administrator.Keep double quotes in both cases..

Change user account type from standard to administrator in Windows 11

All you need to give your PC to your kids and friends is a standard account. This prevents you from snooping files or changing settings that can cause havoc on your device. However, if you’re confident that someone’s user account needs to be promoted to administrator, you’ll know how. For Windows 11 user accounts, you can also check out other related tutorials on how to remove your Microsoft account from your Windows 11 PC and how to rename your computer in Windows 11.