How to browse the internet on your Apple Watch

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Surprisingly, the set of apps available on the Apple Watch doesn’t have an app for Safari, Apple’s default browser. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t browse the Internet on your Apple Watch. In fact, you can do more than just surf the internet. Let me show you how.

How to open a website on your Apple Watch

There is no Safari app icon, but the Apple Watch secretly boasts a Safari browser that launches when you click a link received in the Email or Messages app.

  1. Open Email / message Use the Apple Watch link.
  2. Tap URL..
    A secret Safari browser opens.
  3. Tap select After reading.
How to open a website on your Apple Watch

Missing URL in Message or Email app? Don’t worry, try these tricks.

Use Siri to open the Safari browser on your Apple Watch

  1. Press Digital crown call Siri..
  2. For example, ask Siri to open a website.
  3. In the result, scroll down and tap Open page..
Use Siri to open the Safari browser on your Apple Watch

Note: Always say .com after your website name. Otherwise, Siri will only show general search results, not websites.

Access Apple Watch web pages via the Messages or Email app

The idea is to send and click the desired URL yourself to bring up the hidden Apple Watch Safari browser.

  1. Open Message / email Apple Watch app.
  2. create New message Also Mail..
  3. Here you have two options.
    • type URL using graffiti, Apple Watch 7 QWERTY keyboard, or a third-party keyboard app.
    • Tap the microphone button Specify the URL.
      Although you can omit the WWW. Don’t forget to add some .com at the end. Otherwise, the trick won’t work.
  4. When you’re done send Message / email.
  5. Then open the message / email you sent yourself and Tap the URL Access the link.
Access Apple Watch web pages via the Messages or Email app

I know this is a bit complicated, but I have to do what I have to do. But I have a trick that makes things much easier.

Compose and send your own messages / emails on your iPhone / Mac using all the websites you visit most often. And if you need to see one of them, open your message / email on your Apple Watch and tap the link.

How to search the web on your Apple Watch

You have to put a lot of effort into opening a website. What do you think about doing a Google search on that little screen? Because if I could help with that, there would be nothing out of scope for the reader. And if you want to google something on my Apple Watch, this is what you need to do.

  1. Open using one of the above methods Google COM..
  2. When the Google website loads, tap the search bar.
  3. now,
    • Tap Microphone button Direct a query or
    • Scribble Or type (Apple Watch 7)
  4. Tap search..
  5. choose Search query From the options presented.
How to search the web on your Apple Watch

And that’s how it’s done. Let me introduce you to some hacks to improve your Apple Watch browsing experience while I share the tricks.

Tips for browsing websites in the Safari browser on Apple Watch

  • Scroll up or down – You can use your finger or a digital crown to move the web page up or down.
  • Search website – Only possible if the website has a search box. Tap the search box, enter / graffiti / talk, query[検索]Tap.
  • Access the interlink – If the page has an interlink (blue underlined text), tap it to access that link.
  • Go forward, back, or reload the page – Tap the address bar from the top and choose from:
    • Reload page
    • Previous page
    • Following page
Tips for browsing websites in the Safari browser on Apple Watch

Note: You can also swipe right or left from the edge of the screen to switch between the current page and the previous page.

  • Zoom in or zoom out – Double-tap anywhere on the screen to zoom in / out. Drag your finger to navigate the enlarged page.
  • Switch to reader view – Tap the address bar from the top and select an option if the reader view is available for your website. You can return to the web view by following the same steps.

Clear browsing history on Apple Watch

Well, isn’t this interesting? Apple doesn’t have a default browser app on the Apple Watch, but it does have settings that allow you to clear your browsing history. That’s because the Apple Watch app connects to the Internet and keeps cookies, cache, credentials, history, and more.

This step will help you delete that data to save storage and speed up your watch. In particular, this does not affect the use of the app.

  1. Go to your Apple Watch Setting..
  2. Tap Universal..
  3. Scroll to select Website data..
  4. Tap Clear website data..
  5. select Clear data Confirm the deletion.
Clear Apple Watch website data

Restrictions on using the Safari browser on Apple Watch

I’ve found a way to browse the web on my Apple Watch, but with some limitations. First and foremost, you will not be able to use the Messages or Emails app while using the Safari browser (depending on where you click the link).

In addition, multiple tabs cannot be opened and some images and fonts are not displayed correctly. However, if you’re not Safari, there are third-party browsing apps available, so you won’t lose a smooth browser experience.

The best web browser app for your Apple Watch

1. µBrowser


ΜBrowser, a microbrowser for Apple Watch, is designed to enable and smooth basic browsing. You can easily open any URL and search with DuckDuckGo to see the last page you visited.

You can also save pages from your history to Favorites and manage these bookmarks from the companion iPhone app for quick access. Besides? It even boasts the complexity of a convenient watch face.

price: $ 0.99


2. Parity

Parrity harnesses the power of paired iPhones to create rich web content. This content is then broadcast to the clock, enabling a fully operational and reduced web browser experience.

You can connect and interact with your browser live, save it for later use, preload it on your iPhone, and push it to your Apple Watch. The app also supports the most popular search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, IMDb and Amazon. Moroever, Apple Watch app is completely free.

price: free


3. Squint AI

Squint AI is an artificial intelligence-based app that allows you to add personal keywords and web favorites to your iPhone and display them on your wrist.

The idea is to explore your favorite websites and make it quick and easy to find commonly used keywords.

To load the data into your watch, make sure the Squint app is open and the Squint button is lit. The iPhone runs the Squint function and sends the results, including the photos, back to the Smartwatch.

price: $ 1.99


sign off

There is no doubt that any of these Safari browser tricks or third party apps can conflict with your iPhone / iPad browsing experience. But you need to understand the limits of a small screen and get it done with what we have and what we are getting.

The idea is not to leave you in a pinch, and if you forget your iPhone at home or it’s inaccessible, you can browse the web from your Apple Watch. And I think it’s easy to manage. What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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