How to block someone with iPhone photo memory

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iOS 15 has redesigned the memory function of the photo app. You can now block someone from appearing in your memory or display it less frequently. This is great for a variety of situations, whether you’re healing from a farewell or saddening a lost person.

In addition, you can reduce the frequency of days and places. I like how this allows you to customize your experience. Now let’s see how to hide unnecessary memory in iOS.

How to stop meeting someone with iOS 15 photo memory

please do not worry! iPhone photo app[思い出]Removing someone from the section does not remove that person’s photo. It just hides it from the automatically curated memory section.

Method is as follows.

  1. Open Photo Go to the app album..
  2. Scroll down and tap Man Under people and places.
  3. choose Man You don’t want to see it too often.
  4. Tap three– –Dot icon It is in the upper right.

    How to block someone with iOS 15 photo memory

  5. Tap feature this Man Less than..
  6. Choose from: Reduce this person Also Don’t pick up this person Tap Verification..
    • If selected I don’t take up this person very much, It will reduce the frequency with which you meet this person in your memory.
    • If you want to permanently remove someone from memory Don’t pick up this person..

      On iOS 15[この人を少なくする]Tap

How to display a day or reduce the number of places in the photo memory

In some cases, you may want to hide unwanted memories of a particular day or people from the Photos app. Method is as follows.

  1. Open Photo Go to with the app For you tab.
  2. Tap look all To see all the memories.
  3. Scroll to find memories and places of the day that you don’t want to see too often.
  4. Tap 3 dots icon It is in the upper right corner of the memory.
  5. Tap feature Less than..
  6. Then you can choose feature This day is few Also Reduce this place.

    How to display a day or reduce the number of places in the photo memory

  7. Tap Verification..

Note: If there are people in the selected memory Reduce this person The options described above.

Introduce someone again at Photo Memories

Photo app[思い出]If you remove someone from the section, you can always choose to reintroduce that person. However, this includes a photo memory reset, so after completing the following steps, all blocked users will be redisplayed.

  1. Open Configuration Go to iPhone app and Photo..
  2. To restore a blocked location or day reset suggestion memory..
  3. Tap reset To confirm.

    Introduce someone again at Photo Memories

  4. To restore a user blocked by Photo Memory reset Man suggestion..
  5. Tap reset To confirm.
Q. How do I add someone to my iOS 15 People album?

Open the person’s photo. Swipe up on the small thumbnail at the bottom left of the photo and tap it.under Man → Tap Name tag → Type a name Leave the name field blank, if desired → Tap Next the end..

Q. How do I remove someone from the People album in iOS 15?

Open Photo Go to with the app album tab.Tap Man Tap the person you want to delete.Tap three– –Dot icon Select in the upper right Remove this person from the person.

Q. How do I use Spotlight to search for photos on iOS15?

Make sure Spotlight search for photos is turned on in ConfigurationSearch with SiriPhoto.. Then swipe down on the home screen and search Field At the top ” Photo It is followed by the person’s name.

This is the end of how to turn off unnecessary “memory” in Apple Photos in iOS 15. do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comments below.

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