How to block or unblock Google Drive users

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Google Drive has long had problems with spam invitations. Spammers use file sharing capabilities to send spam to users using malicious links. The worst part of this issue is that Google Drive has never had the option to block these spam invitations. This article describes how to block (or unblock) users on Google Drive to get rid of frustrating spam notifications.

Guide to blocking / unblocking Google Drive users (2021)

You can block Google Drive users from the web or mobile apps on Android and iOS. Now that we’ve added steps for both cases, select the relevant section based on the device you’ve selected. That said, let’s get started!

Use the website to block someone on Google Drive

1. Go to the Google Drive website and right-click on the file or folder you are sharing.All shared files are in the left sidebar[Shared withme]Available in the section.

2. From the list of options in the drop-down menu “block<メールアドレス>“Choose..

Block people from driving the web

3. When the following pop-up window appears, Click “Block” to confirm.. If you block, that user will not be able to interact with you on Google Drive or other Google products.

Check drive blocks

Use the website to unblock someone on Google Drive

If you accidentally block someone, or if you want to unblock someone who was previously blocked by Google Drive, you can. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner Select “Manage Google Accounts”..

Manage your Google account

2.2. [人と共有]Go to tab From the menu on the left[連絡先]Below the section[ブロック]Click to display the block list of Google Drive.

Google accounts for blocked people

3. You will see all the people you have blocked so far. Next to a person’s name[X]Click the button to unblock.. Then that person can continue to share new files with you on the drive.

Unblock people's Google accounts

Block someone with Google Drive for Android or iOS

1. If you are using mobile, press the three vertical dot icons next to the name of the file or folder to access the options menu.From the pop-up, tap ‘block<メールアドレス>‘..

Block people from driving android

2. You will be prompted for confirmation, just like on your desktop. [ブロック]Tap To prevent that person from spamming you with random files.

Check the drive android block

You no longer receive Google Drive spam invitations from them and put an end to their cyberbullying.

Unblock someone with Google Drive for Android or iOS

1. If you change your mind, press the avatar in the upper right corner of the Drive app,[Googleアカウントの管理]Choose.[人と共有]Switch to tabs Tap “Block” To see users blocked on the drive[連絡先]Select the option below.

Show block list drive

2. Next to the contact list[X]Tap the button to unblock Google Drive users. You can now continue to interact with them throughout your Google product.

Unblock users on the drive

Block Google Drive Spam with a few simple steps

In short, this was a guide to blocking unwanted interactions on Google Drive and ending threats to specific individuals. If you face similar spam messages on Facebook, check out our article on how to block or unblock someone on Facebook. If you’re using an iPhone, consider improving your experience with a guide on how to block text messages on your iPhone.