How to block numbers on iPhone

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You may want to rest assured that your iPhone contacts and numbers will be completely blocked due to spammers, annoying promotional messages, and so on. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to do this without jumping over the hoop. So, regardless of why you are trying to block someone, here’s how to block numbers on your iPhone:

An easy way to block numbers on iOS (2022)

Whether you want to block someone from calling you or sending text messages, or if you want to block contacts in messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, we cover you. Learn how to easily block iPhone numbers with phone apps, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and more. We’ll also look at how to see if someone else is blocking you.

As always, you can use the table of contents below to navigate this article.

Block numbers on iPhone

Block numbers from recent calls on iPhone

If you recently received a call from a number but want to block them, your iPhone[最近の電話]Here’s how to do it directly from the screen.

1. Open Phone app Then check it on your iPhone “recently” The tab is selected.

With the phone app[最近]Tap

2. Well, Find a phone number Tap what you want to block, then tap “I” information button Right next to it.

Search for a phone number and tap information

3. Then tap Block this caller confirm.

Block contacts


  • Phone app[連絡先]You can also use tabs to block contacts.To do this, tap [連絡先]Tabs-> Individual Contacts->[この発信者をブロック]->[連絡先をブロック]..

that’s it! You will no longer be able to receive calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from blocked numbers or contacts.

Block numbers using the iPhone messaging app

On the other hand, if you’re receiving a lot of spam messages from your contacts or numbers, you can easily block them directly from within the Messages app. Here’s how to block numbers in the iPhone messaging app:

1. Start Message app On iOS devices. next, People / chat thread I want to block.

Launch the messaging app and head to that person

2. Well, Tap the person’s name Hit at the top the “Information” button..

Enter the person's name and tap the information

3. Then tap Block this caller Bottom option.Be sure to tap to check Block contacts In the pop-up menu.

Block people

Quickly block numbers using the iPhone Settings app

This situation may not happen to most people, but unfortunately if you want to block many contacts on your iPhone, we recommend blocking them from the iPhone Settings app. Here’s how to do this:

1. Open Settings app On your iPhone.Then tap phone.. Alternatively, you can go to Settings app-> Messages / FaceTime / Email.

Open the Settings app and select your phone

2. Then tap Blocked contacts..


3. Then tap Add new Then select the contacts you want to block in your address book. that’s it! It will be added to the list of blocked contacts immediately. Repeat this same simple procedure to block more contacts.

[新規追加]Select and select the contacts you want to block

It’s easier to use this method if Apple allows you to block numbers in bulk, but you can use this method to get multiple phone numbers on iOS compared to the other methods described in this article. It’s faster to block.

How to unblock numbers on iPhone and manage iPhone block list

iOS also provides a detailed list of blocked numbers and you can also manage the list with the flexibility you need. Therefore, you can track blocked contacts and choose to unblock your personal.

1. To get started Settings app Select on iOS device phone..

Open the Settings app and select your phone

2. Scroll down a little and Blocked contacts option.Then tap edit Located in the upper right corner of the screen.

[ブロックされた連絡先]Select and[編集]Tap

3. Then tap Red “-” button To the left of the unblocked contact, Unblock button.Finally, be sure to tap end Exit in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the red button, press unblock, then tap Done

Block contacts on WhatsApp on iPhone

If you want WhatsApp to avoid receiving messages from annoying people, here’s how to block numbers in WhatsApp for iOS.

1. First, open WhatsApp On your iPhone.Then go to Contacts you want to block Tap.

Open whatsapp and go to contacts

2. Tap Person’s name Located in the center of the top.Then scroll down and tap Block contacts..Don’t forget to tap block Confirm with a pop-up.

Tap the name and press the block contact

Block contacts with Signal on iPhone

You can also block Signal contacts very easily. This is what you need to do.

1. Open Signal app On iOS devices Tap a contact Of the problem.

Open the signal and tap the contact

2. Tap Your friend’s name At the top.Then tap Block users confirm.

Tap the name, then tap Block User

Signal comes with a number of useful features to enhance your messaging experience. To get the most out of this app, proceed to a thorough summary of the best signal tips and tricks.

Block contacts in Telegram on iPhone

The Telegram app supports blocking numbers on the iPhone, but it doesn’t look as good as other apps. Here’s how to block contacts in Telegram:

1. First, start Telegram app On your iPhone. next, Contacts you want to block list Tap.

Open Telegram and go to your contacts

2. Tap Person’s name It’s at the top of the screen.Then tap “More” button (3 dot icon)..

Tap the contact's name and[その他]Tap the button

3. Next, Block users In the pop-up menu.When asked to confirm the action, tap Block “name” In the menu.

Select a block and confirm the action

How to tell if someone has blocked you on your iPhone

When someone doesn’t answer your repeated phone calls or messages, it’s easy to wonder if they blocked you forever. There is no clear way, but there are some effective workarounds that can help you determine if someone has blocked you on your iPhone. See a detailed guide to unravel the mystery.

Easily block numbers on your iPhone to avoid spam calls and messages

Here’s an easy way to block and manage numbers on your iOS device. I’m fine with the native blocking feature, but I would like to add the ability for Apple to automatically block RoboCaller and telemarketing in the phone app. Yeah, I’m looking forward to a built-in Truecaller alternative for iOS. It is a great help to keep spam calls away. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts and improvements you would like to see in the iOS Phone app.