How to auto-reply to text messages on iPhone

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No country or jurisdiction recommends texting or calling while driving. It’s deadly and your iPhone has a handy feature called “Don’t disturb while driving”. Even better, you can set up auto-reply on your iPhone whenever you’re in DND mode. This will automatically respond to the received text. Let’s dig in and learn how to do it.

How to send an automatic reply to a text message on iOS 14 or earlier

  1. Open iPhone Setting..
  2. Then tap do not disturb..

    On iPhone[設定]Open and[サイレント]Tap

  3. Tap Activate Select one from Automatically connect to the car’s bluetooth and manually..


  4. Now go back and tap Automatic reply destination.
    Choose some or All contacts According to your taste.

    [自動返信]Tap to select all iPhone contacts

  5. Tap back Automatic reply Edit the message you want to send.

    Set up automatic reply to text messages on iPhone while driving

that’s it! This auto-reply text message is sent each time a text message is sent from the selected contact during DND in driving mode.

If selected manually for Activate, You can enable or disable this mode depending on your selection. To quickly enable this mode, access the shortcut from the Control Center. read.

Add a shortcut to the iPhone Control Center without disturbing you while driving

  1. Open Setting Tap Control center.
  2. Tap Customize the controls.

    Open Settings Tap Control Center, then tap Customize Control

  3. Tap Green + icon Do not disturb while driving.
  4. hit It is on the upper left.

    Add undisturbed while driving in iPhone Control Center, then tap Back

  5. If you open the control center here, Car icon. Tap it to enable this mode.

    Add Do Not Disturb When Driving Shortcut to iPhone Control Center

How to send auto text on iOS 15 on iPhone

In iOS 15, silent mode is now part of the focus. Therefore, if you are using iOS 15, use this method to set up automatic reply for text messages.

  1. Open iPhone Setting..
  2. Now tap focus..
  3. Then tap Focus status Enable Automatic reply..

    Turn on auto-reply iphone ios15

  4. Tap do not disturb, And check Sharing focus status It is enabled.


Additional Information: You can also use this trick to enable auto-reply not only while driving, but also when you’re on vacation or just unplugged. Be sure to enter your custom vacation text.

Now, if you’re too busy to send a text message and DND is enabled on your iPhone, an auto-reply will be sent to your contacts.

We hope this quick guide for setting up automatic replies to text messages on your iPhone will make your life a little easier. Do you have any related questions? Please share in the comments below.

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