How to Announce Alerts on Mac (Only 4 Steps)

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Do you get important alerts when you’re working on your Mac or binging something? Stop it now! An interesting macOS accessibility feature called Speak Announcements allows you to hear these alerts uninterrupted.

Wondering how to do that? Keep track of what’s happening by enabling announcement alerts and allowing Siri to utter notifications in the background. How? Keep reading and scroll!

Why do I need to enable Speak announcements on my Mac?

Apple smartly incorporates special accessibility features to enable users with a variety of disabilities to use their devices seamlessly. The Speak Announcement Tool is designed to assist visually impaired users.

The idea is for Siri to announce all incoming notifications and keep users up to date. You can take advantage of this feature to make sure you don’t miss important updates.

And not only when you’re working, it’s also a cool hack when you’re away from your Mac. Siri keeps you in the spotlight and up-to-date with food, chat, mobile games and more.

How to turn on Speak announcements on macOS Monterey and Big Sur

  1. click Apple Select the menu to select System Preferences From the menu.

    Open System Preferences on Mac

  2. here, Accessibility..

    Click Accessibility on Mac

  3. select Audio content From the left sidebar.
  4. Select the check box next to it Speak the announcement.

    Select audio content from your Mac settings

And just like that, your Mac will start announcing all notifications. Surprisingly, you can also customize these notifications to T. Skip to the next section for instructions.

How to manage message announcements on Mac

When you enable Speak Announcement, you can use three main settings:

  • voice – Select the tonality, accent, language, and gender of the announcement sound.
  • step – Program Siri to say something special before announcing your message. Please say the application name or forgive me.
  • delay – Determine how long Siri will wait before announcing a message. Will you be notified immediately or in a minute?

To access these settings:

  1. Go to Accessibility Audio content.
  2. click option next to Speak the announcement.

    Talk Mac Announcement Options

  3. Now let’s take a look at these options.
  • Voice- Click on it to display a drop-down menu. Select voice From options or Customize To find the right match.

    Select audio from Mac settings

  • step – When you open the drop-down menu, select the preferred phase or Edit the phrase list To make a custom one.

    From Mac[フレーズリストの編集]Choose

  • delay – Move the slider to the desired time gap.

4. Hit now play See how the alert sounds.And when you’re happy, click OK Confirm your changes.

How to disable message announcements on Mac

This feature is very useful, but it can also be distracting. And, thanks to FOMO (FOMO (FOMOMO) Syndrome), productivity can be significantly reduced. Thankfully, you can quickly turn this feature off.

Move to Accessibility Audio content When Deselect the checkbox next to Speak the announcement..

How to enable Speak announcements on macOS Catalina and Mojave

  1. click Apple icon System Preferences Accessibility.
  2. select speech From the sidebar.
  3. Select the check box next to it Enable announcements.

    Turn on Speak Announcements on macOS Catalina and Mojave

free! finished. To customize the settings option Select the one you want to prioritize Voice, phrase, When delay..

Customize your settings to announce alerts on your Mac

In addition, you can quickly disable this feature.Clear the check box next to it Enable announcements..

Apple’s accessibility features are certainly a jewel for all users. These simple hacks simplify your day-to-day tasks and increase your productivity and activity. Are you using accessibility features? Share your tricks and hacks with us in the comments section below.

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