How to add and use widgets on iPad OS 15 on iPad

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The iPadOS 15 brings a number of exciting new features, including improved multitasking controls, an app library, and finally the ability to add home screen widgets to the table. The ability to add widgets to the home screen was first introduced in iOS 14 last year and is now available on the iPad. Therefore, if you are an iPadOS 15 developer or using the public beta, it will be difficult to learn all the ways to add and use widgets on your iPad. We’ve created a detailed guide that explains how to use widgets on the iPadOS 15, so keep reading.

Using widgets on the iPad home screen of iPadOS 15 (2021)

This guide details not only how to add widgets to the iPad home screen, but also what the new Smart Stack widgets are and how to work with them. Use the table below to jump to a specific feature.

New widget introduced in iPad OS 15

In addition to the existing widgets that can be added to the iPad home screen, iPad OS 15 includes several new widgets. Apple is now for you Add a new big widget Home screen that also supports new features. Here are some of the new widgets on the iPad OS 15.

The newly added Game Center widget tracks and displays recently played games across devices. further,”Friends are playing “widget Expand your game discoveries by viewing the games your friends are currently playing.

The App Store widget shows a collection of all newly updated stories and apps that you can download to improve the iPadOS 15 experience.This data is from the App Store[今日]It is retrieved from the tab and updated regularly.

ipad widget-ipados 15 widget on ipad

To make it easier for users to access their contacts, iPadOS 15 introduces a new contacts widget that opens in a separate menu when tapped. Includes all contact details and media shared with the contact. It’s very convenient for sending messages quickly.

The new Mail widget on the iPadOS 15 shows the latest emails from your mailbox that you can select when you add the widget to your home screen. The Mail Widget is another useful widget that helps users keep their work emails, important updates, etc. up-to-date.

How to add widget to iPad home screen

Adding widgets to the iPad home screen on the iPad OS 15 is easy. Follow the steps below to learn how it works:

1. Press and Press and hold the empty area On the iPad home screen until all the icons start shaking.

2. Well, Tap the plus sign Open the widget panel in the upper left corner of the screen.

iPad widget

3. Now you are free to use the entire widget directory. You can use the left sidebar to access widgets for a particular app, or use to selectively search. Search widget Top box. Then click on the widget you want to add to your iPad home screen.

ipad widget search-ipados 15 widgets on ipad

4. You will see various things on the next screen Size and style For widgets. Swipe left or right to select from the available options.

iPad widget style

5. Once decided [ウィジェットの追加]Tap the button Alternatively, drag and hold the widget and place it anywhere on the home screen. As with the iPhone, you can place widgets between app icons.

that’s all. The first widget is now successfully added to the iPadOS 15 home screen. You can repeat the above steps to add the widgets you need. If you want to move the widget on the iPad home screen, press and hold the widget and drag it wherever you like.

How to customize or edit widgets on iPad

Many iPad widgets can be easily customized according to your options. The level of editing varies from widget to widget. To edit the widget, follow these steps:

1. Go to the iPad home screen where the widget is located.

2. Then tap and hold the widget with your finger. Context menu open.

ipad widget-ipados 15 widget on ipad

3. Tap “”Edit widget“And you are set to customize the widget to your liking.

Edit iPad widget

In this example, you can see that the contacts widget has its own customization options. Here you can select the contacts to display in the iPad widget. Each widget has different customization options. For example, you can change the location in the weather widget or change the mailbox in the mail widget.

How to add widgets to Today View on iPad

Today's View Widgets-ipados 15 Widgets on iPad

Before iPadOS 15, Today’s view of iPad, I was able to access it by swiping the home screen to the right.

Now that you can add widgets to your home screen, you can continue to use today’s views to add widgets and make your home screen cleaner. In either case, follow these steps to add a widget to Today View on your iPad.

1. Swipe right from the first page of the iPad home screen and View panel opens today.. Press the “Edit” button.

Edit button ipad widget

2. “plusButton and “CustomizeThe “” button on the next screen.

    Plus and customize

3. Tap the plus button to open the widget panel. Select the desired widget and select “Add widgetAt the bottom of the screen. ” You can repeat this process to add as many widgets as you need to TodayView.

Add Widget Button-ipados 15 Widget on iPad

4. Tap to add the widget at a later date Customize Click the button to open the widget list.Now press Green “plus“symbol With widget Red “minus“symbol Remove the widget from today’s view. You can also reorder the widgets by pressing and holding the three horizontal hamburger buttons next to the widgets.

Widget list

that’s all! Now you know how to use, delete and sort widgets in Today View on your iPad. Therefore, go ahead and give it a try to get quick access to specific features.

How to remove widget on iPad

It’s also very easy to remove widgets to increase space. Follow the steps below to remove the widget from the iPad home screen.

1. Go to the widget you want to delete. Then tap it, Context menu open.

2. In the context menu,[ウィジェットを削除する「」に続いて、確認ボックスの「削除」をタップします。 そして、ウィジェットは正常に削除されました。


または、iPadのホーム画面の空いている場所を長押しすると、アイコンが揺れ始めます。 次に、 「マイナス」ボタンをタップ ウィジェットの左上にある[削除]Tap in the confirmation box.

Remove the minus sign in the ipad widget-iPad ipados 15 widget

You can use these two methods to remove widgets from the iPad home screen on iPad OS 15 and place new widgets to refresh your experience.

What is the iPadOS 15 Widget Smart Stack?

The smart stack is a new addition to the iPad OS 15.Simply put, the smart stack Widget collection Display information based on several factors. This includes time, location and current activity. The smart stack supports two great features: smart rotation and widget suggestions.

  • Smart rotation: Smart Rotate automatically rotates between various widgets in SmartStack based on the above factors. You can turn this feature on or off if you like.

ipados 15 widget on ipad

  • Widget suggestions: Suggestions are based on time and the type of activity you are currently doing or planning. The selected widget stays there until the activity is complete, after which it disappears. You can also choose on / off.

A Smart stacks can be pre-built Use the app widgets to create one that you use most often or combine multiple widgets yourself. Both methods are described in detail below.

How to create a smart stack widget on iPad OS 15

There are two ways to create a smart stack. Use a comfortable method.

Method 1: Use a pre-built smart stack

This method adds a pre-built smart stack from the widget panel to your home screen. Follow the steps below to learn how to use the SmartStack widget on your iPad.

1. Press and hold an empty area on the iPad home screen until all the icons start shaking.

2. Then tap plus A button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Add a smart stack

3. Then select Smart stack Search or search from the left sidebar.

Smart Stack-ipados 15 widget on iPad

4. Select your preferred style and size from the available options. “Add widgetOr drag and drop the widget stack like any other widget on your home screen.

And that’s almost it. Swipe up or down on the smart stack to see other widgets.

Method 2: Create your own smart stack Widget

If you don’t want to add the suggested smart stack to create your own smart stack, follow the steps below.

1. As mentioned above, press and hold the empty area until all the icons on the home screen start shaking.

2. Now, press and hold a widget on the home screen and drag it to another widget. And as shown in the GIF below Automatically join to form a smart stack..

3. You can continue to add other widgets by dragging the widget onto the existing stack to create a complete smart stack.

You can create multiple stacks using the method above. The smart stack is like any other widget and instead helps prevent clutter on your home screen. Widgets are constantly updated with new information.

How to edit smart stack widget on iPad OS 15

You can change the order of the widgets displayed on the smart stack. You can also add widgets to the stack and remove widgets from the stack as needed. Follow the steps below to learn how to easily edit your smart stack.

1. Go to the iPad home screen that contains the smart stack widget. Tap The context menu is displayed..

2. In the context menu, selectEdit stack“” Opens the edit menu.

Edit Stack-ipados 15 Widget on iPad

3. Here you can see some options for editing the smart stack. You can adjust the order by long-pressing the widget and then moving it.

In addition, you can delete the widget by pressing the minus button.If you don’t need a smart stack to make suggestions or reorder during the day, it will appear below the edit menu[スマート回転]and[ウィジェットの提案]Turn off the option.

Use professional widgets on your iPad

We hope that this guide will introduce you to the new widget system on iPadOS 15 and will guide you through the steps required to add / remove widgets on your home screen. In addition to the new widgets, the iPad OS 15 update is packed with new app features. You can even watch movies with your friends in FaceTime, share your screen with colleagues in FaceTime, and install Safari extensions on your iPad. In addition, if you want to write down random ideas, check out how to use Quick Notes on iPad OS 15. Need help with any of the steps? Let us know in the comments section below.