How to add a link to your Instagram story using stickers

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Instagram Stories has long provided a “swipe-up” feature that allows influencers, businesses, and confirmed accounts to share links with followers and story viewers.However, Facebook-owned social media platforms are currently Abolished the popular swipe up link function Supporting a new approach — link stickers. Yeah, instead of swiping up, you need to tap the link sticker to check the content shared in the Instagram story. This article describes how to use link stickers to add links to your Instagram story.

Instagram initially tested link stickers to allow anyone to add links to their stories, This feature remains limited to influencer / business accounts with over 10,000 followers or confirmed accounts.. Therefore, if you had a swipe-up link before, the link sticker will automatically appear while you edit the story.

In this article, we’ve added steps to get you started with the Instagram story “link stickers” and more details on why Instagram removed swipe-up links. There’s also a quick comparison between swipe uplinks and new link stickers, so jump in right away!

As of August 30, Instagram has abolished swipe-up links and moved its functionality to link stickers.Link stickers are essentially A new way for influencers and qualified accounts to share links with their followers Through Instagram stories. Instead of swiping up, the user needs to tap the link sticker that the creator adds to the story. For example, from the viewer’s point of view, take a look at the new Instagram link sticker below.

How to add a link to your Instagram story using stickers

The preview shows the domain name and the top-level domain link sticker. You need to tap the link sticker twice to access the link. When you tap for the first time[リンクにアクセス]A button is displayed. Then you need to tap “Access Link” to open the linked website in your favorite web browser.Worth mentioning The total number of links that can be added from the “link sticker” of the Instagram story is one..

1. To start using the link sticker, open the Instagram app and swipe left from your home feed to enter the story creation UI.Now select an image from the gallery or with a colorful background[作成](Aa) Select an option. Then press the sticker icon at the top of the screen.

How to add a link to your Instagram story using stickers

2. When the sticker panel opens, you will notice that there is a new link sticker. Tap it, A text box will appear for you to add the URL of your website I would like to share it with my viewers.

Add Link to Instagram Story-New Link Sticker Method

3. After pasting the URL, top right[完了]Tap to add a link sticker to your Instagram story. You can then place stickers anywhere in the story and add and highlight action GIF calls.

Add a link to your Instagram story

If you don’t have 10,000 followers or a confirmed Instagram account, use this nifty IGTV trick to direct users to your desired website. Now let’s see how to add a link to an Instagram story without 10,000 followers.

1. As mentioned above, the secret to sharing clickable links in Instagram stories is to post IGTV can Post a video from 59 seconds to 15 minutes on IGTV.. Upload a new IGTV video by pressing the “+” icon in the upper right corner of your profile and selecting “IGTV Video” from the pop-up menu.

How to add a link to your Instagram story using stickers

2. Before posting the video Add a link to the website you want to share in the description.. This is important because swipe-up links need to direct viewers to IGTV videos and explicitly ask their followers to review the website link description. After adding the link to the description,[IGTVに投稿]Press the button to share the video.

How to add a link to your Instagram story using stickers

3. After posting the video, you need to share it in your Instagram story. Follow this nifty guide to learn how to share posts, reels, and IGTV videos to your Instagram story with the new “Reshare” stickers.

Added link to Instagram story-IGTV workaround

4. Viewers can tap the IGTV video of Instagram story and[IGTVビデオを見る]You can now view options.[IGTVビデオを見る]Tap an option to go to the video. Now when the viewer confirms the video description, You will see a clickable link You can tap to access the website. This process isn’t very convenient, but it’s a smart workaround, especially if you want to extend your organic reach on Instagram.

How to add a link to your Instagram story using stickers

If you’re not sure why Instagram chose to remove the trial-and-error swipe-up link from the platform, it says:By interaction with The Verge, Instagram points out that swipe-up links are obsolete “Rationalize the story-making experience” And offer more “Creative Control”..

So what additional features are available with link stickers? Now, there are two important advantages. Unlike swipe-up links, where you can’t determine where to display swipe-up actions (bottom by default) You can put a link sticker anywhere in the story.. You can also resize the sticker to make it more visible to the viewer.

Another advantage of link stickers is Ability to reply to stories using links.. The swipe-up link UI replaces the DM text bar, so viewers can’t DM the author directly from the story using the swipe-up link. However, this is not the case with link stickers. As you can see in the comparison below, you can send a message to the author while watching the story.

Instagram-swipe up link
Instagram Story Swipe Up Link
Instagram-link sticker
Instagram story link sticker

Comparing swipe uplinks with link stickers, it’s clear that swipe uplinks are more user-friendly. It’s popular, everyone is used to it, and it provides a neat way to navigate to links. However, it comes at the cost of directing the user to a third-party website. By replacing the swipe-up link with a link sticker, Instagram seems to be making subtle changes to maintain user engagement.

For example, instead of visiting a website and querying in support chat there, viewers can contact the author directly via Instagram. This is also the time spent within the app. As a content platform that is no longer a photo-sharing app, Instagram’s move to abolish swipe-up links seems like a conscious decision to keep users on the platform for longer.

Now that you know why Instagram removed swipe-up links in favor of Instagram story link stickers, which one do you like better? Let us know in the comments section below.

Share links with your followers using Instagram link stickers

You’ve now reached the end of the guide to add links to Instagram stories using the new link stickers. On the other hand, if you don’t see the option to share posts to Instagram stories, check out the latest guide to resharing posts to Instagram stories. For more information on such tips, see Instagram’s Best Tips and Tips article.