How can I fix an issue where my left or right AirPods aren’t working? 10 Actual fix

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Apple AirPods are the epitome of convenience. However, they are not perfect and have drawbacks. One problem that may be extremely annoying to you is that one AirPod from a pair doesn’t work, whether left or right. If you’re facing an issue where only one AirPod is working, follow these steps: One of these should help fix the problem.

  1. Make sure your AirPods are charged
  2. Repair your AirPods
  3. Reboot the connected device
  4. Check for software and firmware updates
  5. Clean AirPods
  6. Hard reset AirPods
  7. Reset network settings
  8. Balanced stereo settings
  9. Battery problem
  10. Contact Apple Support

1. Make sure your AirPods are charged

The first step is to check if your AirPods are charged. If discharged, there is no way to connect to the device. Connect them to the charger for a few hours and see if they are currently working. For more information, see How to check your AirPods battery level.

2. Repair your AirPods

Now that the AirPods are charged, the next step is the AirPods. Follow the steps below to re-pair your AirPods.

  1. Toggle off bluetooth..
  2. Return the AirPods to the charging case for 15 seconds.
  3. Toggle on bluetooth.
  4. Open the AirPods case repair Stream them on your streaming device.

3. Reboot the connected device

There may be a problem with the device connected to your AirPods. To overcome this, restart your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. However, when you restart your device, make sure you put your AirPods back in the case.

Check out the instructions on how to restart your iPhone or iPad if you don’t know it. When you’re done, connect your AirPods to your device and see if both AirPods are working.

4. Check for software and firmware updates

Apple is highly regarded for its iPhone software support. However, it does not leave wearables. AirPods don’t receive software updates, but they do receive firmware updates. The firmware will be updated automatically by AirPods, but if your AirPods firmware is still showing an older version, you can find a guide on how to update the firmware.

Also, if there is a software bug on the connected device, Apple has probably released a software update that fixes this issue. Be sure to update your iPhone, iPad, or Mac software.

5. Clean your AirPods

If your AirPods speaker grill is dirty and clogged, your audio may be muted. It’s possible and the only way to avoid it is to clean your AirPods. No high-end equipment is required to perform the cleaning procedure. A simple AirPods cleaning kit will suffice.

If you’re afraid to follow it, you can rely on our guide to clean your AirPods for directions.

6. Hard reset AirPods

You may need to reset your device as it may reset bugs caused by software updates or clean up your cache. And resetting your AirPods isn’t a difficult task. Follow the steps below to reset your AirPods.

  1. Press and hold button 15 seconds in the AirPods case.
    When the AirPods are reset, the LED will turn white.
  2. repair Do them on your iPhone, and you can go.

7. Reset the network settings

There may be a problem with your network settings that may cause you to repeatedly lose your connection to your AirPods, or your AirPods may not connect to your iPhone. Follow the steps below to reset these network settings on your iPhone.

  1. Open Setting..
  2. select Universal..
  3. Scroll down to select Transfer or reset iPhone..
  4. Tap reset..
  5. next, Reset network settings..

    Reset iPhone and iPad network settings

8. Balance the stereo settings

You may not be aware of the audio / visual balance settings, but that’s why one of your AirPods doesn’t have an audio output. Follow the steps below. This setting may resolve the issue.

  1. Open Setting..
  2. Move to Accessibility..
  3. Tap audiovisual tab.
  4. Bring slider In the middle or under a balance of 0.00.

    Balance AirPods stereo settings from iPhone settings

9. Battery problem

As already mentioned, AirPods have drawbacks, one of which is lifespan. AirPods have small batteries, and users constantly charge (and drain) these batteries. This will worsen the condition of the battery. As a result, AirPods don’t last as long as they did when you purchased them on a single charge.

If your AirPods are out of warranty and the battery is dead and uncharged, get a new pair of AirPods.

If none of the above fixes resolve the issue, there may be a hardware issue. So even if your AirPods are under warranty or have Apple Care +, you still have hope. You will need to contact Apple Support. We hope Apple Support will resolve the issue or replace your AirPods.

that’s it!

So this is how you can fix a left or right AirPod that isn’t working. Please let us know if the above steps have helped you resolve the issue. Also, what do you think about TWS? Also, please tell us how TWS has changed the wearable audio market. Please share in the comments below.

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