HiPDF Review: One stop for all your PDF needs

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Whether you are an expert or a student working with many PDF files, we hope you can convert these PDF files to different formats to maximize your productivity. But what if I tell you that there are tools that can relieve your pain? I found HiPDF, the perfect conversion tool.

It provides multiple free tools for converting, merging, and splitting files. But is it really a one-stop shop for your PDF needs? Read along to find out its features and whether it’s worth your money.

What is HiPDF?

HiPDF is a full-featured tool for file conversion. Not only can you convert, edit and share these PDF files using your iPhone or iPad, but because it is a browser-based application, you can also use it on Mac, Windows, or Linux. What’s more, the tool offers free conversions!

However, if you want to convert PDF to batch or other file formats, you will need to subscribe to the Pro version that comes with other benefits. Let’s take a look at what HiPDF offers.

HiPDF also has several image editing tools. Users can compress, crop, resize, rotate, and even extract text from images. Digital signatures are widely accepted and can be added using HiPDF. Once you’ve converted your files, it’s easy to share them.

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Which features of HiPDF make HiPDF even more attractive?

HiPDF has some features related to file conversion, but let’s take a look at the free features and security of the tool.

  1. Free PDF to Word converter: Yes, converting PDF to Word document is free. The tool advertises the converted file before serving it. The tool will convert the PDF in seconds, so your ads won’t hurt.
  2. safety: Uploading sensitive files to the Internet, even for work, requires a great deal of trust. HiPDF ensures that your files are safe because the uploaded files are deleted from the website itself within an hour.
  3. Supports many platforms: HiPDF is a browser-based application, so the tool runs smoothly regardless of the device you are using. Supports Mac, Windows and Linux. I have tried this tool on my iPhone and it works fine there as well.
  4. Cloud service: You can select files to convert not only from your device, but also from Dropbox, Box, OneDrive. Once converted, you can share the file link or share it as an email directly from the website. Again, everything works seamlessly across the board.
  5. PDF to Word API for developers: The HiPDF team has created a PDF to Word API that developers can use on their websites. We also provide Chrome extensions for HiPDF.

Supported conversion formats

Not only can you convert PDF files to multiple formats, you can also use the HiPDF tool to convert multiple file formats to PDF. Listed below are all supported formats.

Can convert PDF to:

  • word
  • Excel
  • JPG
  • PPT
  • HTML
  • page
  • DXF

Can be converted to PDF:

  • word
  • Excel
  • image
  • PPT
  • TXT
  • RTF
  • Pub

How to convert a file from PDF to Word or other file formats

Follow the steps below to convert PDF to free Word file. If you want to convert PDF to another file format and vice versa, the procedure is the same.

  1. Go to hipdf.com.
  2. click All tools Select → From PDF to Word option.
    Or other formats to convert PDF.
  3. Drag and drop File or click Select a file Upload the PDF.
  4. Once HiPDF has extracted and converted the files, click change..
  5. As soon as the files are converted, click download Has completed.

If you’re still confused about how to get around this, here’s a video to help you better understand.

💡 Additional HiPDF tools: You can also compress, merge, split, edit, and sign PDFs.

Is the free version of HiPDF enough for your needs?

The free version of the HiPDF tool is perfect. It converts PDF to Word file without hassle, and if your work revolves around converting PDF file to Word document, the free version should be enough. However, the free version does not allow you to convert bulk files to Word format. This is where the Pro version of the software comes in handy!

In addition to batch conversion, you are free to take advantage of several other features such as ad-free interface, access to all PDF and image tools, unlimited file conversion, etc. If you’re always using these features, the $ 6 cost is definitely worth it.

Don’t worry if it’s torn between HiPDF and the pro version! You can also take advantage of a free one-week trial of HiPDF Pro to help you make informed decisions.


User interface
Conversion speed
Value of money

Searching for a free PDF to Word converter should end with HiPDF. If your work involves converting many files, etc., it is recommended that you follow the Pro path. If not, you can use it occasionally with a free tool.

Strong Points

  • Free PDF to Word conversion
  • Clean UI
  • Can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux and iPhone
  • Supports cloud services
  • All tools in one section


  • Free version does not support batch conversion

price: Free (Pro subscription starts from $ 6 per month)