Here’s why Apple CEO Tim Cook once said “F *** You” to Elon Musk:

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Online drama related to Elon Musk? Well, it’s become a regular on Twitter. As a result, a new controversy arose between Elon Musk and Apple chief Tim Cook after the recent release of a book on Musk EV company Tesla. So sit down, pick up popcorn and enjoy a spicy drama between the two rich people in the Big Tech world.

So it all started when Wall Street Journal technician and car reporter Tom Higgins published his new book on Tesla and its rise in the industry. After release Los Angeles Times We have published a detailed review of the book.In the review, LA Times writer Russ Mitchell began with an anecdote from the book. Alleged phone call between Musk and Cook..

It was around 2016 that Tesla was struggling financially and Musk wanted to sell the company to Apple for 1 / 10th of its value. But according to reviews, the Higgins book tells a different story.

In the book, Higgins wrote in a alleged phone call between the two CEOs that Apple offered to buy Tesla to free the company from financial problems. According to the book, Musk agreed, but there was one condition. Tesla’s CEO allegedly wanted to become Apple’s CEO after the acquisition, and Tim Cook replied loudly. “F *** you” Then I hung up the phone.

Well, remember. The story of Apple buying Tesla was first reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg late last year. In a report, Gurman said Musk wanted to meet Cook in person to discuss the deal, but Apple’s CEO refused to meet him. Musk confirmed it in the tweet at that time.

Following a power play review, Garman I shared a tweet Quote Daily mail I will report on the review.Later he I shared another tweet Quoting an interview with Tim Cook and Kara Swisher, Cook “I have never talked to Elon” Either by phone or directly.

That's why Apple's Tim Cook told Elon Musk
Image courtesy of Kara Swisher’s Sway podcast (transcript)

Mask, meanwhile, saw Garman’s tweets as a platform for criticizing Higgins’ books. Tesla CEO I have written It “Higgins succeeded in making his book false * and * boring.” Then two laughing emojis.Then, in another reply to BBC reporter James Clayton, Musk confirmed Cook and what he had. “I have never talked to or written to each other.”

So did the call between the two CEOs happen in 2016? Well, that remains a mystery for now.However, Higgins’ book criticized Mask’s contribution to Tesla and called him. “A dramatic foil for those who are doing their best under chaotic and dysfunctional conditions.” In addition, the LA Times review does not mention the source of the anecdote in the book. What do you think of the entire phone controversy? Please let us know in the comments below.