How To Install Helix TV IPTV Service on Firestick

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What is IPTV?

It is a service that is providing by using the device’s IP address. And the remaining word ‘TV’ denotes the general TV that we use by dish connection. to see entertainment, live sports, live news and etc.

We can connect an IPTV service provider to many devices (Laptop, TV, Computer, Tablet, Mobile, etc.). Here is one of the IPTV  service provider named, “HelixIPTV”. Here I am going to tell you about how to connect HelixIPTV TV to firestick.

How to Install Helix TV IPTV on Firestick?

HelixIPTV provides 6500+ channels for several countries. They serve around 50 countries. It is supportable in a popular operating system (Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.). Their plans are not appropriate according to the price and the features they are providing are not precious. HelixIPTV packages are too high than other IPTV service providers.

The worst thing is they only give access to a single user or only one device connected. If you want to enlarge your devices’ connection then you wouldn’t get the feature to connect the same account with other devices simultaneously.

To install HelixIPTV in your firestick simply follow below steps:

Step 1: First you have to choose a plan. Packages are too high than other IPTV service providers. You can purchase a plan from here.

HelixIPTV packages are listed below:

  • Monthly package for US/CA is €7
  • Monthly package for the UK is €7
  • Single Helix package is €9.50
  • Double Helix in €10.50
  • Triple Helix in €11.50

You can test the HelixIPTV service just to pay €1 for the next 48-hour trial.

Step 2: At the top right corner of the home screen of Firestick click on the Settings.

Step 3: Select MyfireTV

Step 4: Click on Developer Options.

Step 5: Turn on ADB debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources. It has to be ‘On’ because Firestick doesn’t allow to install third-party applications. After turn, this feature ‘On’ it will let download third-party apps.

Step 6: Go back to home, and download the ‘Downloader’ application. Downloader lets you install the Helix TV application. We can install the application only through the Downloader application.

Step 7: After Installing successfully, open the ‘Downloader’ app. Here you can put the link or name of the application that is required for you.

Step 8: Simply type “” and search. Click on the Go button.

Step 9: You have to install Helix TV application.

Step 10: Now enter the Username & Password and click on the login button.

Now you would interact with the home screen of the application. Watch & enjoy the live telecasting of every channel. Live sports, live movies/shows, baby entertainment, etc.