Heineken launches virtual beer for Metaverse

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Heineken launches virtual beer for Metaverse "Ironic joke"

Citing the Metaverse hype, I’ve recently seen many companies such as Nike and McDonald’s investing in Metaverse-related products and services. Today, the global beverage brand Heineken is on the rise with the launch of the first virtual beer for the Metaverse in the form of Heineken Silver. But that’s not really the case! Let’s find out why we say so.

Heineken is the first virtual product Heineken Silver, Recently at the Metaverse launch event.The company advertises the product as a legitimate virtual product that Metaverse users can try in the virtual world, but Heineken actually “Ironic joke” For other brands or themselves that are launching Metaverse related products and services.

In fact, the company even Mocked Metaverse’s virtual beer on the official website and promotional video In the same way. Check out the short video attached just below.

Heineken is on the official website “Virtual value” Beer instead of normal “Nutrition value” When Mocking term Pixel (0g), HTML (0g), RGB color (0g), rendering (0g), glitch (0g), etc. While discussing Heineken Silver, the company wrote: “Our virtual beer is made only from the freshest pixels, such as malt, hops, yeast, water, and beer.”

Heineken launches virtual beer for Metaverse "Ironic joke"

“Our new virtual beer is an ironic joke. It’s a self-aware idea that entertains us and many other brands jumping into the Metaverse with the most enjoyable products in the real world.” The company added further.

Now you can Try Heineken Silver Virtual Beer at the company’s virtual “Decentraland” brewery Use the new AR filter on your desktop or laptop, or on the popular social platform Snapchat. In addition, you can use the SnapCamera tool to grab a can of Heineken Silver during an office meeting at Zoom and Teams and apply a can filter to the stream.And because it’s a virtual beer, Heineken says it’s completely “Work safely” option.

So what do you think of the new Heineken Silver Virtual Beer for the Metaverse? Want to try Virtual Metaverse Avatar? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.