HBO Max India subscription details were leaked before the release. It starts with Rs. 69 / month

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HBO Max India subscription details leak ahead of potential launch

India already has several OTT platforms taking advantage of the growing number of Internet users, but global media giant HBO is reportedly aiming to launch HBO Max, a digital streaming platform in India, soon. increase. Also, prior to its potential launch in India, a price survey report detailing HBO Max’s subscription in India was leaked online.

The report comes from OnlyTech, A publication that was able to obtain a pre-launch price survey by reputable market research firm Nepa on behalf of HBO Max. Price research reveals details of the monthly and annual plans that HBO may offer in the Indian market.

India’s HBO Max Subscription Plan: More

Monthly plan

Now, when it comes to subscription details, HBO may offer both monthly and annual subscription plans for digital streaming platforms. There are plans specifically for mobile and desktop devices. In fact, HBO is reportedly aiming to offer ad support plans that are much cheaper than standard and mobile plans.

Mobile plan sold at Rs. 139 / month, provides streaming service on mobile or tablet devices. There will be no ads. However, at this price, HBO Max only offers standard quality (SD) content. In addition, movies and TV shows will be available for streaming at a later date after theatrical release. With this plan, users can create up to 5 profiles and can: Streaming on only one device at a time..

Under the standard plan, it offers UHD (4K) video streaming and is supported on all types of devices, including mobile and desktop. With this plan, users can enjoy high-quality ad-free content simultaneously on up to three devices, and even watch new movies and TV shows right after theatrical release. The price of the standard plan is Rs. 329 / month.

If you think your standard plan is too much for your users right now, you can opt for a much cheaper ad support plan. This is just sold for rupees. For 69 per month, it delivers SD quality content on all devices. However, like mobile plans, ad-supported plans will release movies and TV shows well after they’re released in theaters.

See the image below for plan details.

HBO Max India subscription details leak ahead of potential launch
Image: OnlyTech

Program for the year

In addition to the monthly plan, HBO reportedly offers an annual plan that offers significant discounts to users. For example, the annual mobile plan subscription plan is offered at a 40% discount and users are required to pay Rs 1,001 in advance. Similarly, the price of an annual subscription for the standard plan is Rs 1,974 / year, which is 50% less than the monthly fee.

HBO Max India subscription details leak ahead of potential launch
Image: OnlyTech

Therefore, these are the details of the subscription plan after HBO Max was launched in India. Well, after the first report MySmartPrice A spokesperson for HBO Max contacted us and reported that price research was just a routine market research to explore the potential for expansion.

However, OnlyTech also reports that HBO recently appointed Amit Malhotra as Managing Director of HBO max in Southeast Asia and India. Therefore, this further indicates that the service will be available in India in the coming months.

Personally, I’m looking forward to HBO Max launching in India at the above prices. The OTT platform has a huge library of various popular movies and TV shows. In addition, some films such as Space Jam: A New Legacy, Malignant, and Justice League Snyder Cut are often released exclusively on HBO Max. Therefore, with Indian digital platforms, you don’t have to wait for these exclusive movies and TV shows to be released on third-party Indian OTT platforms.

What do you think about HBO Max launching in India? Would you like to subscribe to the streaming service at the above prices? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.