Has your Netflix account been hacked? What this should do (2022)

Cyber ​​risk is increasing day by day. Streaming services like Netflix were safe, but think again. There are many examples of users’ Netflix accounts being hacked for reasons such as lack of proper password hygiene. Therefore, if your Netflix account is hacked, you need to do the following to get it back:

What to do if your Netflix account is hacked (2022)

It doesn’t make sense why someone hacks an OTT platform account. Still, hackers repeatedly compromise Netflix databases and attempt to steal personal information. Includes account details, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., and large-scale breaches can reveal sensitive information to the public. In the meantime, the hacker may be someone you know who has access to your Netflix password. Learn how to determine if your account has been hacked and the main steps you can take to protect your account.

How to check if your Netflix account has been hacked

You can use several methods to see if someone is accessing your Netflix account without your information. The general method is[視聴を続ける]Look for unknown shows or movies in the list. Or if your account has a new unknown profile. Let’s take a look at some of these ways to identify suspicious activity in your account.

Login password has changed

A changed password is the easiest way to find out that someone else has tampered with your account. If you haven’t updated your Netflix password and you still can’t sign in, someone else may have changed your password. First, ask your family. If they haven’t changed their password, they need to recover their account immediately. We’ll talk more about this later.

Recently watched titles and unknown titles in the continuous viewing section

[継続視聴と最近表示]If you see an unknown title in the section, it’s possible that someone else is streaming using your account. Both lines are available on the Netflix home page, as shown in the image below.

Unknown title in the viewing list

Check recent streaming activity

Netflix has this great feature, allowing you to see which device your account last used.[最近のストリーミングアクティビティ]The section also shows the IP address, location, and last streaming time for each device. If your streaming activity lists suspicious / unknown devices, you’re sure you’re intruding. Here’s how to check your streaming activity on Netflix:

  • Log in to Netflix from your web browser. Then hover over the profile icon in the upper right corner to[アカウントドロップダウンメニューからの」設定。
  • ここで、「最近のデバイスストリーミングアクティビティ」セクションの下にあります。
  • 次のページはあなたに表示されます Netflixアカウントを使用しているすべてのデバイスのリスト、過去3回に加えて、誰かが特定のデバイスを使用して特定のIPアドレスからストリーミングしました。 デバイスがアカウントにアクセスしている場所も表示されます。 不明なデバイスやIPアドレスなど、疑わしいものを見つけた場合は、そのデバイスを追い出すことをお勧めします。


Netflixでは、アカウント内のプロファイルについて、最後に表示されたタイトルを確認できます。 履歴はアカウントごとに異なり、疑わしいアクティビティがあるかどうかを確認するには、各プロファイルを個別に確認する必要があります。 そうは言っても、Netflixで視聴履歴を確認する方法は次のとおりです。

  • まず、 ログインする からNetflixアカウントに ブラウザ
  • 次に、 アカウント設定 プロファイルアイコンをクリックします。
  • 次に、下にスクロールして開きます プロファイルとペアレンタルコントロール 更新して開きたいプロファイルの場合 視聴活動 プロファイル用。
  • 次の画面には、プロファイルから視聴した番組のリストが表示されます。

閲覧履歴をチェックして、誰かがあなたのアカウントを使用しているかどうかを知ることができます。 ただし、アカウントのパスワードを知っている人なら誰でもNetflixの視聴履歴を削除できるため、これは絶対確実なオプションではありません。 それでも、試してみる価値はあります。


Netflixアカウントがハッキングされたことを確認したら、アカウントを保護するために不可欠なセキュリティ対策を講じます。 Netflixアカウントに不明な侵入があった場合に考慮すべき、いくつかの重要な手順を次に示します。


セキュリティ違反が発生した場合の最初の最も重要なステップは、Netflixのパスワードを変更することです。 このヒントは、Netflixを含むすべてのオンラインアカウントに適用されます。 ログイン後にNetflixでパスワードを変更する手順は次のとおりです。

  • Netflixにログインし、画面の右上隅にあるプロフィールアイコンにカーソルを合わせて、[アカウントポップアップメニューから」をクリックして、アカウントページに移動します。
  • [アカウント設定]On the page,[change the password“” Option under “”Membership and billing “section.
Change netflix password options
  • Enter the current password in the first text box and the new password in the second and third text boxes. lastly,”saveUse to change the password.
Change your netflix account password

You need to select the option “”Request to sign in again to all devices with the new passwordUse to remove others who are using Netflix.

Changing your password if you can log in to your account is very easy. However, the hacker may have changed the password and cannot log in. If this happens, read our detailed guide to changing your Netflix password. It covers everything you need, including the steps to follow if a hacker changes your email ID.

Sign out from all devices

Even if you change your password to avoid trouble, it’s a wise step you should follow. To get rid of other devices from your account, everyone needs to log in again to use Netflix. However, if you have already changed your password, you cannot change it. To quickly remove a device from your Netflix account if someone accesses your device:

  • Sign in to Netflix using your web browser. next,”accountMove the cursor to “” to set Profile icon Located in the upper right corner.
Open your account settings on netflix
  • next,”Sign out from all devicesThe option is Setting section.
Sign out from all netflix devices
  • Click the blue “” to confirm your selection on the next page.sign out” button.
Confirm sign-out from all devices

And that’s almost it. Netflix signs out your account from all devices, including the one you’re using for this process. For more information, see our detailed guide on removing devices from Netflix.

Contact Netflix Customer Care

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t access your account, contact Netflix Customer Service. Click here to quickly access the Netflix help page and start a live chat with your executives.

Additional steps to protect your Netflix account

Once you have successfully recovered your account and changed your password, consider taking additional security measures to avoid such problems in the future. Below are some important points to keep in mind to protect your online identity.

  • Keep data private: An easy way for hackers to enter your account to know your email ID and password. Therefore, under no circumstances should you save your data to public files or share your account details via messages. Also, avoid filling out surveys or forms asking for your email ID, credit card number, address, etc. Such forms can ask security questions related to your account to help hackers change their passwords.
  • Create a strong password: That’s common sense, but people tend to ignore it. If you don’t want to lose valuable data, you need a strong password most. Imagine if someone can crack your email password. You can now sign in to all platforms with an account that has the same email ID. Therefore, it is important to create a strong password. If you can’t remember the difficulty, try using a password manager. A guide to the best password managers will surely help.
  • Share your account only with trusted members. Netflix is ​​testing account sharing possibilities that allow users to share their accounts with friends for an additional fee. Still, set some basic rules and share your account only with trusted people. It’s likely that your friends are leaking your data to others. Therefore, be aware of suspicious login activity when sharing your account.
  • Do not click on suspicious links. There are various phishing scams, from stealing Netflix credentials to retrieving more sensitive data. It’s a good idea to check carefully before clicking on links, especially links from unknown sources.


  • How can I change my payment information if I can’t log in?

If you still can’t log in to your Netflix account, hackers may benefit from your account as long as your payment is valid. You can cancel your Netflix subscription after logging in. However, if you do not have access to your account, we recommend contacting your payment service. Credit / debit card companies can block payments from their side in exchange for a small fee. Avoiding unnecessary billing of your card in the long run is a much better option.

  • Why is someone hacking my Netflix account?

If you use similar email IDs and passwords for your Netflix account and other social media / financial accounts, hackers can use your login information to break into them. Therefore, it is important to use a different password for each account. In addition, hackers are making additional profits by selling Netflix accounts and data on the dark web. Unethical developers can use the data to do financial and personal harm.

  • Does Netflix have two-factor authentication?

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Netflix doesn’t have two-factor authentication. However, keeping in mind that the company is striving to protect users, it can be expected to function in the future.

Keep your Netflix account secure

It’s not common for hackers to attack your Netflix account. Still, they do so more often than you can imagine. In the meantime, someone known may have compromised your Netflix account as well. Hopefully the methods described in this article will help you recover your account. If you are very worried about your internet account, we also recommend that you use a password manager to create a strong password and store it securely. If you have any other questions or concerns, please comment below.