Hands-on Review: Bellroy Mod iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Case + Wallet

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The Bellroy wallet case has always been one of my favorite accessories. And now it has a magnetic, removable wallet case that rivals Apple’s MagSafe accessories. But is the BellroyMod Phone Case + Wallet for the iPhone 12 Series a real competitor? Is it as great as its predecessor?

Well, I’ve been using this case for a few days and may be able to answer almost any question. So keep reading!

BellroyMod Phone Case + Wallet for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max

The idea is to maintain a chic and stylish profile while protecting your iPhone. Brings cardholder functionality without compromising on wireless charging.

And to bring about this functional yet aesthetic makeover, Bellroy harnesses the power of magnets, leather, and considered structures.

BellroyMod Phone Case + Wallet

Minimal MagSafe compatible case

Thanks to its sleek, lightweight profile, the BellroyMod phone case doesn’t make your device bigger. Plus, it has all the important features such as protective polymer edges, raised bezels, tactile buttons, and a microfiber inner lining to keep your iPhone safe.

Minimal MagSafe compatible case with BellroyMod

In addition, the built-in magnet guarantees MagSafe compatibility. Then, along with the two snap grooves, lock the wallet attachment firmly in place. Surprisingly, the smooth grooves don’t look so strange, even when using the case without a wallet.

Detachable slim wallet

I expect Bellroy to have great design and craftsmanship, but the wallet still surprised me. The outer quick access slot holds the primary card, and the sneaky and secure inner pocket holds the ID card and secondary card.

Bellroy Mod removable slim wallet case

In total, the wallet can hold up to 3 cards. Both the inside and outside slots have easy-to-access notches that you can flick with your thumb to remove the card. And you need to slide the wallet sideways to release it.

Easy-to-access cutouts for Bellroy Mod iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases

Interestingly, the inside of the wallet is lined with soft microfiber and smooth polyester fabric to protect the back of the case and the card from scratches and scratches.

The power of great materials

When it comes to leather cases for the iPhone, Bellroy is always running. And again, you won’t be disappointed. For one, we use eco-certified leather that looks great and promises a beautiful patina.

In addition to a smooth grip, the material also features antibacterial HeiQ V-Block ™ technology. So rest assured that you are not carrying bacteria. Besides? The packaging is very small and the paper used is recyclable.

Is the Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet Grab Worth It?


Build quality


Value of money

Again, Bellroy was able to impress me deeply. It looks, feels, grips, and is convenient. I love the whole idea of ​​snap gloves. Prevents the wallet from accidentally falling off with a small amount of pressure.

From a secure magnetic locking system, an inner wallet pocket, an easily accessible thumb notch, a 3-year warranty to a protective polymer edge, everything enhances the user experience. And, a little expensive, the Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet is definitely a snappy set that will make every iPhone owner happy.

Strong Points

  • Surprisingly slim silhouette
  • Smart and thoughtful design elements
  • Safe wallet lock
  • Excellent quality eco-certified leather


  • No RFID blocking
  • a little expensive

price: $ 89

colour: Black, basalt, cobalt, toffee

Buy from bellroy.com