Halo Infinite Campaign Details Leaked in Technical Preview

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If you’re a Halo fan, you might be eagerly waiting for Microsoft to release Halo Infinite, the next iteration of its popular gaming series, later this year. However, if you want to closely track the actual story of the Halo universe, as well as play the game, it’s a good idea to keep Microsoft away from the recently accidentally leaked spoiler.

Don’t be intrigued now! This article will keep you completely free of spoilers. Still, if you go into the Halo Rabbit Hole on the web, you’ll see spoilers in circulation online. And surprisingly, the leak comes from Microsoft itself.

Microsoft recently released a beta version of the long-awaited free play multiplayer mode. This paves the way for the Halo Infinite title.So the company mistakenly included “A few Halo Infinite campaign files” In the tech preview build of the title.

The creative director of Halo Infinite Joseph Staten confirmed the leak through a tweet.He said “Such a leak is a pain for the development team and can ruin everyone’s camping experience.” Therefore, if you come across game spoilers online, Staten recommends that you do not spread them any further. You can check his tweets just below.

Well, Staten says that’s it. “A few campaign files” Leaked, The Verge A plain text dump containing over 800 text strings related to the Halo campaign was found on the web. According to the report, these texts explain the in-game purpose and a basic description of the plot to the end of the story.

So if you want to avoid spoilers, you might want to avoid the Twitter handles associated with games and Halo series subreddits. You can also check out Twitter Tips and Tips stories to find out how to mute specific keywords and hashtags on Twitter to mute Halo-related hashtags and keywords.

If you’re wondering when Microsoft will release Halo Infinite, nothing is said about it at this time. However, with Microsoft confirming that it will release the title in the fall of 2021, the company can expect to stick to the current timeline and release the game between September and December.