Google will soon allow users to “archive” Android apps to free up storage

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Android app archive

Storage crunches on smartphones, especially low-end models, are legitimate, and Google aims to resolve them without aggressively removing the app. The company announced that it will introduce new features that allow people to “archive” apps to save space on their smartphones. Here’s an overview of this feature:

Archive of Android apps coming to mobile phones this year

In an official blog post, Google reveals that app archiving can help Free up 60% of the space On your smartphone The app can be occupied. It’s done by temporarily removing some of the apps from the phone, rather than removing those apps altogether.

Now Google Introduce a new Android package called Archived APK Save user data as long as the app is archived. You need to know that archived apps will remain on your smartphone and can be easily restored if you change your mind and want to get them back.

This feature is similar to how the iOS app offload feature works. For those who don’t know, it allows users to offload the app instead of uninstalling it and save some storage. It removes the app from the device, but keeps all the data in place so users don’t have to worry about reinstalling the app.

This feature is said to benefit both users and developers alike. As Google points out, “Once archiving is started, it will bring great benefits to both users and developers. Instead of uninstalling the app, users can “archive” the app. You can temporarily free up space and reactivate your app quickly and easily. Developers have the advantage of less uninstalls and significantly less friction to get back their favorite apps.“”

Google’s app archiving APK is starting to reach developers and the option to archive apps is Reach the general audience by the end of this year.. It may be introduced in Android 13, which is currently in the developer preview phase.

This feature may not be needed for Android smartphones with at least 256 GB of storage, but it’s definitely useful for affordable (mostly entry-level older) devices that typically have less storage. Please note this space for more information on this feature and how it works after startup. Also, let us know your thoughts on the app’s archiving feature in the comments below!