Google Wallet is expected to make a comeback as part of Google Pay

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Google wallet

Google recently talked about plans to make Google Pay a “comprehensive digital wallet.” The first step in this direction seems to be the resurgence of Google Wallet, a payment service that the company has abandoned in favor of Pay. A screenshot of Google Wallet is displayed and seems to arrive as part of the Google Pay app. Details are here.

Google wallet UI shown in screenshot

Mishaal Rahman, Esper’s Senior Technical Editor, has discovered a new wallet UI within the Google Play service. Users who store and manage payment cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and even tickets.. This new Google Wallet UI will be part of Google Pay to be more than a peer-to-peer payment platform.

Of course, this new feature is an addition to contactless payments, which is clearly the essence of Google Pay. Therefore, the main brand will remain Google Pay and the wallet will be part of it. Screenshots also show that Google Wallet can hold airline passes, theater tickets, and more.

also, Google Wallet will be able to view the path from the user’s Gmail account There may also be ways for users to access the path from other locations. There is also evidence of the new Google Wallet logo. This strongly suggests a renewal of Google Pay.

For those who don’t know, this new Google Wallet is a revival of the standalone Google Wallet launched in 2011. This makes it possible to pay by NFC and store cards, gift cards, etc. However, it eventually merged with Android Pay to become the popular Google Pay these days.

The wallet revival could help Google stir things up and make Google Pay more competitive with solutions such as Apple Pay and Paytm (India). That said, it’s still a bit early to comment on what would happen if the wallet was reintroduced.

Google I / O 2022 is all scheduled to launch next month, and maybe at that time you’ll know about Google’s payment service plans. Please wait for a while for more information. Please let us know what you think about the return of Google Wallet in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of Google Wallet logo representation