Google Tensor chip may be rebranded Exynos 9855: Report

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Last October, Samsung was rumored to be working on two new chipsets (Exynos 9855 and Exynos 9925). I’ve heard some rumors about the Exynos 9925 since then, but there are few leaks about the Exynos 9855.Now, according to a report from the Dutch tech website Galaxy Club, it’s highly advertised. Google Tensor chip may have changed the brand name of Exynos 9855..

Google Tensor Chip: Rebranded Samsung Exynos 9855?

According to GalaxyClub The code name for Exynos 9855 is Whitechapel.. When out of the loop, Whitechapel is the internal codename used for Google’s Tensor chip. In addition, it has long been rumored that Google Tensor will use Samsung’s 5nm process. If the latest rumors are true, Samsung seems to be more involved in Tensor development than just manufacturing.

Remember it Exynos 9855 is not the expected Exynos chip with AMD GPU.. That’s the Exynos 9925, which Samsung could launch next year in the Galaxy S22 series as the Exynos 2200. In short, the Exynos 9925 has better CPU and GPU performance than the Exynos 2100. From this, the Exynos 9855 can be expected to provide performance close to that of the Exynos 9840 (Exynos 2100) on the Galaxy S21.

Of course, the Tensor chip also includes additional AI and ML tweaks.And you also have Titan M2 Security Chip From Google in addition to what Exynos9855 offers. Samsung’s Exynos 9855 could have provided a good foundation for working with Google. However, you have to wait for Google to reveal the technical details of Tensor.

Samsung’s involvement in Tensor is not surprising, as even the rumored specs are similar to the Exynos chipset. Still, it’s interesting to see how the Tensor will hold up when it debuts on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro later this year.