Google Search Tests New Pitch-Black Dark Theme on Desktop

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Google search dark black theme

Let’s face it! We all love dark mode for a variety of reasons. For starters, it reduces eye strain during long web browsing sessions, and secondly, it saves the battery of AMOLED screen devices. Thanks to the popularity of dark themes, Google has added dark mode to various platforms, including Google Search. The search giant is currently making some changes and is starting to test the pitch-black dark theme of desktop websites.

According to a recent report, Google is currently testing a new pitch-black (color code # 000000) dark theme for search, replacing the old dark gray shades in the background of search results pages.The company reportedly Deploy a new look as part of A / B testingThis means that it is currently only available to some users.

For those who don’t know, Google started testing Dark Mode for search in early 2021 and released it to all users last September. The dark theme in Google Search applies a dark background to the UI, but the background color is not completely black. It’s now dark gray instead of the dark black or AMOLED black that many people like. This may change soon.

The Google home page is displayed in the same dark gray shade, but the search results page for users who have access to the new look is displayed differently. Our team, Anmol, was able to access a new pitch-black dark theme on the search results page. You can see a comparison of the current background on the search results page immediately below with the new pitch black background.

Google desktop dark black prevssGoogle Tests New Pitch-Black Dark Theme on Google Search on Desktop
Google Search Current Gray Dark Theme (L) and New Pitch Black Theme (R)

For the availability of the new pitch-black dark theme in Google Search, 9to5Google Report Randomly displayed to the user and disappears..To see if it’s available, go to Google Search-> in the upper right corner[設定]Tap an option->[外観]Under[ダークテーマ]Select an option to see if it’s a new or old theme.

There is no information about when Google will publish it to global users. Therefore, please look forward to future updates. Also, let us know in the comments below if you have access to the new dark theme and which dark theme you like in Google Search.