Google releases Chrome OS 100 with new app launcher etc.

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ChromeOS 100 has been released

In addition to offering the 100th update to the Chrome web browser earlier this week, Google has updated its lightweight Chrome OS platform to version 100. ChromeOS100 brings a variety of new features and improvements. Among other things, some of the highlights of the update include an all-new app launcher UI, improved search capabilities, and the ability to edit text with voice. So let’s take a quick look at the main features of Chrome OS 100 below.

Chrome OS 100 Release: New Features

Starting with a new launcher for Chrome OS, Google’s Windows Start menu version, More modern design with rounded corners Open from the side. Previously, the Chrome OS launcher was centered and opened from the center (which, strangely, is the new Start menu for Windows 11). However, Google has moved the launcher to the lower left corner of the screen.

The company also has Improved the search function of the launcher.. Therefore, when you search for something on the web, the launcher UI will display more information without opening a browser. In addition, you can now easily find what you’re looking for by searching open windows and browser tabs in Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 100 new launcher UI

This update also has the ability to edit text using voice. This feature relies on Chrome OS’s dictation feature. You can delete letters and words, or move the cursor to a new position by voice... However, keep in mind that you need to turn on the dictation feature to edit the text by voice.

ChromeOS 100 Text editing with voice function

I also have google Added the ability to create short GIFs on ChromeOS 100 Easy to share on social media platforms. A GIF mode has been added to the platform’s camera app to record 5 seconds of video that can be converted to GIF.

Chrome os100gif maker

Other features of ChromeOS 100

In addition to these, Google has added some student-targeted features such as: Ability to link school accounts to Family Link Give children access to school resources from home.

In addition, IT administrators will be able to: Easier to manage devices in your organizationThanks to the addition of a new reporting system to Chrome OS 100. This system displays devices in your organization that require the attention of your IT administrator.

In addition, the recently introduced ChromeOS Flex is now in beta. It was previously introduced as an Early Access program. If you are interested, you can try it here.

Chrome OS 100 is now available and is being rolled out to users with all of the features mentioned above. Some of the rumored features such as animated screen savers and built-in screen recorders weren’t provided in this update, but Google can expect to roll them out in minor updates in the coming days. So what do you think of the new Chrome OS 100? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.