Google publishes first privacy sandbox developer preview on Android

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Global Trial of Google Privacy Sandbox Starts

After announcing the Privacy Sandbox Initiative for Android in February of this year, the company launched the first developer preview to change current ad targeting practices for user safety. This was after Google launched a global trial of Chrome’s new ad tracking feature earlier last month. Click here for details!

Privacy Sandbox Developer Preview Now Available

Google recently released an official blog post announcing the release of the first developer preview of the privacy sandbox on Android. The move will take place just days after the company releases the first beta of the upcoming Android 13 OS for supported Pixel devices.

In this developer preview, Google says it Developers can become familiar with Android’s privacy sandbox system technology Like the SDK runtime and topics. The company also confirmed that it will add Attribution Reporting and FLEDGE API to the developer preview in the coming months.

please remember. The Privacy Sandbox for Android offers a new advertising solution that protects your privacy as well as Chrome. Restrict data sharing with third parties without the need for mutual identifiers. This replaces the current method used for this, but Google hasn’t yet elaborated on the new method.

Google says Privacy Sandbox Developer Preview “In addition to the Android 13 Developer Beta release, we will provide additional platform APIs and services such as SDKs, system images, emulators, developer documentation, and more.” In addition, the company has a privacy sandbox feature Currently only for developers, not for regular users.. Therefore, you can only download it manually from here.

In addition, the new Privacy Sandbox DP runs on Android 13 Beta. Google has released a device system image for the ad tracking feature of devices such as the Pixel 6 series, Pixel 5a, Pixel 5, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4a. So if you are an Android developer with a supported Pixel device somewhere, you can download the Android Privacy Sandbox Developer Preview from the link above. Also, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.