Google Now allows you to delete your search history for the last 15 minutes.Method is as follows

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To give users more control over how they manage their personal data, Google has added an option to delete the last 15 minutes of search history with a single tap. Here’s how to use this feature to manage your saved search history:

How to delete the last 15 minutes of Google search history

According to Google, the ability to clear the search history for the last 15 minutes Currently limited to Google apps for iOS.. But the software giant has promised to bring this nifty feature to Google Android apps later this year.

So, if you own an iPhone, here’s how to clear the last 15 minutes of Google search history.

1. Using the new delete option is fairly easy. Open the Google app for iOS and Tap your profile picture Located in the upper right corner.

2. When the popup appears, Tap “Delete last 15 minutes” that’s all. The app will clear everything you searched for in the last 15 minutes from your history.

Clear 15 minutes search history Google

If you need more control, learn how to use linked articles to delete your Google search history. While you are in it, you may also find our guide to auto-delete Google’s web and location history helpful.

Apart from this, Google[マイアクティビティ]Added a validation layer when accessing the page. Now you need to add additional information such as your password and two-factor verification code to access your entire search history. This is a great feature that should be especially useful if you are sharing your phone or PC with others.