Google Meet will let you know if you’re causing an echo in a video call

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If you frequently attend office meetings or meet family and friends through video hangouts, you may be familiar with common echo issues. During a video hangout, it can unknowingly cause an echo effect on other participants, which can be very annoying. Citing this issue, Google recently added a nifty feature to the video conferencing app Google Meet to carefully notify you when the system causes an echo effect during a video call.

No echo during video calls on Meet

The Mountain View giant recently announced the features of Google Meet through an official blog post in the Workspace Updates forum. This feature is designed to notify you about echo issues during video calls on Google Meet.

Google says Meet already has a variety of intelligent features to cancel the echo effect during a video call.However, the system Powerful feedback of voice to the call, Still can occur and cause audio problems for other participants.

This can cause the system to cause echo problems during the call, but you may remain unaware of it until someone in the call informs you about the problem. So, as you can imagine, it can be embarrassing when an office colleague starts complaining about echoes from the system during a call.

As a result, Google Meet automatically detects echoes during video calls and silently delivers notifications about problems. Notifications appear with a red dot in the Advanced options of the Call UI.

Google Meet will tell you if you're causing an echo during a video call

Clicking on the red dot will take you to Google’s Help Center where you can find the steps you need to take to resolve and prevent the issue.The function is as follows It is on by default..

Google Meet will tell you if you're causing an echo during a video call

For availability, Google Meet’s new echo notification feature is currently being rolled out to Google Workspace customers, G Suite, and business users. So if you’re using Google Meet, you should see this feature on your platform within 15 days.