Google makes it easier to find and book doctors by search

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Google can now request users to remove minor images from search results

With the goal of making search a one-stop solution for all searches, Google has significantly simplified the process by adding the ability to search for doctors and make appointments with them directly from the search. Here are the details you need to know:

Google has Working with CVS’s Minute Clinic and other unnamed partners For this feature of booking appointments via search. Currently targeted at people in the United States, this feature is available in English.

Therefore, if you are looking for a doctor or medical center, you will see the next available appointment just below the service provider details. In each time slot, You have the option to book it And you can make a choice depending on what suits you.

Google search reservation function

Google suggests that we aim to partner with more people to further expand the range of features. However, I’m not sure if this feature applies to users in India or other regions.

For India (and even Brazil and Japan), Google begins Show Health Source Information Panel on YouTube Video Allows users to access content from genuine, trusted sources.

YouTube health information panel introduced

In addition, Google aims to enable Fitbit devices to better support chronic illnesses, and is therefore expected to soon support heart disorders such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). Google has tested this before and has shown the same at a recent American Heart Association meeting and is currently awaiting FDA review results.

In related news, Google has added changes to the search View more relevant, detailed, and reliable product reviews Allows people to actually profit and decide whether to buy if they are looking for a product review.