Google I / O 2022 Confirmed on May 11-12. Click here for details!

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Google I / O 2022 date confirmed

Google has confirmed the date of this year’s annual Google I / O event for developers. The event starts on May 11th and continues until May 12th. This confirmation is done after Google shares a four-part puzzle to resolve and figure out the date of this year’s I / O. Let’s take a look at the details.

Google I / O 2022 starts from May 11th

Google initially shared a four-part SVD puzzle to reveal the date of this year’s Google I / O event.It’s a puzzle May have been resolved by a Twitter user, Sundar Pichai later visited Twitter to confirm the date and location of the Google I / O 2022 meeting. Check out Pichai’s tweet attached just below.

Google I / O 2022, as mentioned above, a A two-day event that is virtualized and streamed online For free. Until COVID-19 occurs, it will continue to be held at the usual location, Shoreline Amphitheater. A small, face-to-face audience will also be attending this year’s event keynote. The tweet also contains a link to a website dedicated to the event. This website contains a unique live countdown timer that provides detailed information about the event.

The The event’s live countdown timer shows the number of days, hours, and minutes remaining before the event goes live. And it’s a very Google-like timer, playing jingles with the ticker. This website also allows users to sign up for the Google Developer Profile and earn the “I / O 2022 Participant” badge that will be added to the Developer Profile.

Google I / O 2022 event landing page

Now, coming to the announcement, Google tends to announce all the latest technologies, from smartphone features to IoT technology development, and is currently working on a Google I / O event. The event is likely to include Android 13 details and is probably the first beta build release.Also, the tech giant Announcing its first smartwatch At this year’s event, in the form of a Pixel Watch with a budget-focused Pixel 6a.

In addition to these, we will announce new features and services related to Google Assistant, Google Maps, Chrome, etc. Details of the Google I / O 2022 event will be published before May 11th. Please look forward to future updates. Also, let us know how excited you are about this event in the comments below.