Google Chrome on your desktop adds support for Google Lens.Click here for how to use

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Google Chrome on mobile has for some time been able to search for images using Google Lens.And now the company Introduce this feature to your Google Chrome desktop browser.. This change allows you to use Google Lens to search for images directly from the Chrome browser on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC.

Use Google Lens on Chrome Desktop

So 9to5Google Report, Google is rolling out new Lens integration I used Chrome 92. However, it was not accessible in Chrome 92. Instead, this feature was available in Chrome Canary. This indicates that this feature is being rolled out in stages.

If you have this feature, you will see the new feature “Search images with Google Lens” An option instead of the usual “Search images on Google” option. The former relies on Google Lens, while the latter uses Google images for reverse image search. Follow the steps below for usage.

1. To access Google Lens on Chrome Desktop, right click on any image and[Googleレンズで画像を検索]Select an option.

Search images with google lens

2. The search results of Google Lens will be displayed. Here you can also use the “Upload” button to perform a Google Lens search on different images. This button is located in the upper right corner of the search results page.

If you’re not happy with the search results, Google Lens has the option to search for images with Google Image Search.In the lower right corner of the page[試してみる]Just click a button.

Retry with google image

Google Lens integration in Chrome should help users who are usually happy with the results of Google Lens on mobile. You need to see if this feature will continue to be Chrome-only or eventually available in all Chromium browsers.