Google begins testing ads on YouTube shorts

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YouTube Shorts Fund

Citing the growing popularity of short vertical videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels, Google was on the rise with the introduction of YouTube Shorts in 2020. Now, tech giants want to bring ads to that short video platform. Allows creators to monetize their content on Android and iOS. For more information, check out the details below.

YouTube shorts will soon show ads

Google recently shared its first quarter 2022 earnings report. The company may have missed the expected return (expected to reach $ 7.51 billion, but only $ 6.87 billion), but thanks to advertising, it has grown significantly on YouTube. Was seen. On the platform. YouTube grew 14% year-on-year, The revenue from the advertisement will be added the most in that amount. Taking advantage of this growth, Google is now aiming to place ads on YouTube shorts.

Philip Schindler, Google’s CEO, said Started testing monetization opportunities in shorts.. He also said it would be an exciting addition for consumers, creators, and advertisers.

“We’re testing shorts ads using products such as app installs and video action campaigns, and we’re still in the early stages, but we’re encouraged by the feedback and results of the first advertisers.” Schindler said in a statement at the time of the earnings announcement.

Now, while Google’s revenue was lower than quarterly expectations, it’s worth noting that the company saw significant growth in YouTube Shorts. The platform is available in more than 100 countries and currently has 30 million active users (DAUs) per day. This is four times the number of DAUs compared to last year.

Short video space is currently dominated by TikTok, but Sindler said Google is investing heavily in resources to make YouTube Shorts a valuable competitor. Executives also mentioned a $ 100 million short fund that rewards YouTube Shorts creators with up to $ 10,000 a month for content, viewership, and engagement.

Google aims to further increase revenue from Shorts’ growing user base by placing ads on YouTube Shorts. Moreover, from the company’s point of view, this is a logical move given the decline in revenue from other services. But from the user’s point of view, it may not be a welcome change. That said, people may be able to easily accept this, given that YouTube videos already show ads.

Worth to mention It may take some time for Google to display ads on the platform For all users in the future. So stay tuned for future updates. Let us know what you think about the ads on YouTube Shorts in the comments below.