Google answers some of the most frequently asked privacy questions to address user concerns

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While Apple has always boasted a privacy-focused business model, Google has been repeatedly asked about its focus on user privacy and data processing practices. We’ve seen Mountain View giants add features and make changes to their products to improve user privacy, but many users are still skeptical about using Google’s products. Therefore, to address these privacy concerns, Google shares a detailed QnA to answer some of the most frequently asked privacy-related questions.

In the official report, Google answered a series of questions about user privacy, targeted advertising, Google Assistant, location data, and more. The report includes questions such as whether Google will create a personal profile for the user to serve ads, or whether the Google Assistant will record all user statements.

Now, in most questions, Google said that as it is a good person, the company does not collect or store user’s personal data such as location, payment eligibility, or general information for business purposes.Software giant insists on it Use only anonymous aggregated data To improve its products and services.

When it comes to targeted advertising, Google says it will leverage user data to serve personalized ads. However, the company states that it will not target ads using data related to users’ emails, documents, health, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

In addition, the ads you see are, according to Google, “It’s based on a lot of things, such as previous searches, sites visited, ads clicked, and so on.” In addition, always on Google[広告設定]You can visit the page to personalize the type of ads you see or disable ad personalization altogether.

Other than these, Google has also made it clear that it will not read or collect data from products that store personal information such as Gmail, Drive, and photos. Also, when asked how much Google knew about the user, the company took them to the Google dashboard. Here you can see what Google services you are using, the data stored in your Google account, and other privacy-focused tools. Activity controls and ad settings.

You can find a complete and detailed QnA report in the official Google India news room.