Google announces privacy sandbox for Android.Attempts to limit ad tracking

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Privacy sandbox for android

Apart from the new privacy upgrades for Android 13 DP1, Google also aims to limit the collection of user data for advertising and ensure that your data is secure. The company ensures this with the new “Privacy Sandbox for Android,” Google’s initiative to devise advertising solutions that don’t compromise user privacy.

Overview of privacy sandbox details

Currently, Google has announced the Privacy Sandbox. Restrict data sharing with third parties and,”Works without a cross-app identifier that includes an ad ID.But Google hasn’t really revealed how to achieve this.

For those who don’t know, the privacy sandbox isn’t a new initiative by Google.It has Extended to Android only Users after being available in the longest Google search. This version has limited third-party cookies and confidential tracking. Starting with the FLoC API, we now use a topic API aimed at displaying relevant content and ads to users without compromising privacy.

However, it is not yet known how the Android version of the privacy sandbox will use to limit the collection of user data. also, Google’s initiative for Android users is not derived from what Apple is doing..

Google states in a blog post that it is jabing the Cupertino giant.We recognize that other platforms take different approaches to advertising privacy, explicitly limiting the existing technology used by developers and advertisers. We believe that such an approach would be ineffective and could have negative consequences for user privacy and the developer’s business if we did not provide an alternative path to protect privacy first.“”

If you’re a beginner, Apple will allow you to choose whether your app can track you and access your data. It provides them with notifications and simple click options to help them get out of it.

To this end, Google will build tools and methods for developers while supporting existing advertising platform features. A developer preview for this will be available by this year. Beta releases are in the pipeline towards the end of the year.. More details on this initiative will be announced shortly, so stay tuned for future updates.