3 GoGoPDF Tools You Need To Know For Your Office Documents

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The digital age has changed our standard ways into a more modernized one. Although it has its pros and cons, the pandemic has significantly shifted the trend to computers and online jobs. With this given, it is best to learn more about these electronic files and manage them more efficiently. 

PDFs are today’s most used electronic files because of the multiple benefits they can provide to their users. Aside from file content uniformity, they also come as more comfortable files to use for file sharing. The challenging part for these PDFs is finding the perfect alternative tool if you have not purchased the Adobe PDF reader. 

GoGoPDF PDF Converter

GoGoPDF Tools

PDF converters are one of the most important tools nowadays, provided how much the trend has changed from paper documents to electronic files. Convert Word to PDF, for example, can only be performed with a safe-to-use PDF converter. These tools are mostly web-based, so it is best to search for a fast-working, efficient, and safe to use.  

So why do we need to convert our usual files to PDF? PDFs come as smaller files compared to other file formats. They are handy when transmitted to webmail platforms, especially that webmails have limitations in uploading and sending. These files also maintain content consistency that prevents formatting issues despite using different OS and devices. 

GoGoPDF’s PDF converter can be used anytime and anywhere as long as you are online. You can convert your typical files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, and even HTML with this online tool. Also, you can transform your PDFs the other way around. If you need to make drastic changes to your PDF, you can use this converter to convert them to their original form. 

GoGoPDF PDF Compressor 

Despite the natural design of PDFs being more compact than the others, they could also end up as large files depending on their content. High-quality images of large quantities can increase your PDF size significantly. Your best option to decrease these particular files’ size is to take advantage of the GoGoPDF PDF compressor. 

With this tool, you can shrink your PDF to its smallest size without compromising its quality. You do not have to edit its content at all. Although there may be slight differences with the resolution, it can be worth sacrificing for a lighter and more convenient file transmitting. You can use their free compressor for light or basic compressions only. 


PDF files are naturally less-adjustable compared to other electronic files. This natural state of theirs allows them to become more straightforward to share and print. But of course, there are inevitable circumstances wherein we have to make changes in our documents’ content. We cannot merely perform changes in PDFs without the necessary tools. 

If you do not have the usual Adobe programs for these PDF tasks, you can use GoGoPDF. When you need to combine PDF pages, you can take advantage of this free tool. GoGoPDF’s PDF merge tool allows you to merge separate PDFs into one file. This is an excellent option, especially if you have documents with similar content that are best fit to be together. 

How To Use The GoGoPDF Tools

Using this web-based PDF instrument is quite elementary, even for students. You will see many options for PDF tasks on the GoGoPDF home page. These tools are given for free and are 100% guaranteed safe-to-use. Take note of these three simple steps to maximize the GoGoPDF tools: 

  1. Open GoGoPDF in your most preferred web browser or search engine. Select which function you need, whether you convert, compress, or merge PDF. 
  2. Upload your file to the GoGoPDF by using the manual upload method or use the simple drag and drop. 
  3. As GoGoPDF will automatically process your file, it will be available for download after seconds. Save your freshly operated file or copy-paste its URL to share it via social media or webmail quicker.

Another advantage of GoGoPDF is that they are safe for your confidential files as they adhere to the best consumer privacy standards. If you have a fast-working device and internet, you can process your PDFs anytime and anywhere. 


GoGoPDF provides one of the best free services in the field of web-based PDF instruments. It is recommendable to upgrade your membership to avail of their services to its best extent. For starters, you can try their free trial, which operates for 14 days. Try GoGoPDF now while it is still young!