Gmail launches new design with “integrated view” for all users

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After announcing the redesign of the Gmail web version at the end of last month, Google began rolling out overhauled Gmail to personal accounts around the world. A new integrated view of the Gmail client on the web adds tabs dedicated to popular Google services such as chat, space, and meet to the new side menu, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different apps from their Gmail account. increase.

Gmail gets a new integrated view

Google has been working on integrating messaging and communication services with Gmail.Search giants want users to switch easily “We’ve put together important applications such as Gmail, Chat, and Meet in one place.”

The purpose is solved with New collapsible side panel on the left On screens that include tabs dedicated to Google Mail, chat, space, and meet. The new side panel allows users to switch between Google apps directly from their Gmail account. In addition, when the collapsible side panel is open, hover over each tab (except Google Meet) to see a floating preview. There is also a new app menu UI for previewing messages and replies and a new notification bubble in the lower left corner.

Check out the official Google Help Center video attached below to see the new integrated view of Gmail and learn about the new changes.

According to the official workspace forum update, all Gmail users should start seeing the new integrated side panel as an optional feature. The new Gmail view for your account[クイック設定]You can try it from the section. In addition, when a view becomes available for your account, you will be prompted with a new prompt to try the view. However, at the time of writing this article, it wasn’t available for my account.

Google plans to make the new design the default view of Gmail by the end of the second quarter of 2022.Until then Users can switch to the classic view of their account from “Quick Settings” section..

Google's new design prompt
Prompt to try new Gmail view | Image: Google

Google is open to all users (both rapid release domains and users with personal Google accounts) Show new integrated view of Gmail by default after April 2022.. Prior to this, the user has the option to opt in. This is not for Google Workspace Essentials customers. So, if you have access to the new integrated view of your account, give it a try and let us know your experience in the comments below.