Get immediate support for Android app bundles Amazon Appstore

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Earlier this month, Google announced plans to require app developers to use Android App Bundles (AAB) instead of APKs as the format for publishing new apps on the Google Play store. Following this announcement, Amazon announced support for the Android AppBundle on the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore supporting Android app bundles

Unlike Google, Amazon does not force developers to switch to the Android App Bundle format. Instead, the company states that app bundles are completely optional. In addition, developers can continue to submit their apps to the Amazon Appstore using the existing APK format.

Amazon guarantees that there are no changes to the app’s submission process. If you’ve uploaded your app to the App store, you can continue to follow the same steps to submit your APK and App Bundle. In addition, if it was previously published in APK format, you don’t need to resend the app.

It is also important to note the following: Developers do not need to share their signing key with Amazon to submit AppBundles.. “The Amazon Appstore doesn’t require you to share your app signing key to submit your AppBundle. You’ll continue to sign your AppBundle in the same way you sign your APK and submit it today.” Amazon wrote in the blog post.

Amazon hasn’t said when it will start accepting app bundles, but promises to share updates later this year. The Amazon Appstore that supports AAB is important. This is because Microsoft has partnered with the company to bring Android apps to Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store.

If you’re new to Android App Bundles, check out the APK and AAB descriptions to see how it works and how it differs from the currently used APK format. We’ve also created a guide for installing the Android app bundle on your mobile phone.