Brief History Of The German Watchmaker Of Nomos Glashutte

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Many people love this watch brand because it is affordable for most people who love watches, and it has a mix of various house movements with a minimalist design. It is an aesthetic Bauhaus that perfectly fits the sensibilities of the millennial people. This brand made legit watches and was made in the town of Glashutte in Germany.

This watch has a form function design that many brands dream of. There are good and bad signs that will be discussed in this article. This watch was voted to be one of the most favorite watches with a classic and elegant design that suits many people. You can buy their watch at affordable prices depending on the budget that you have.

Founding And History Of Nomos Watch

Nomos Glashutte

This watch is independent of the watchmaker from Germany. It is based in Germany, Saxony, Glashutte with the small squeezed town. It is about two hours from the south of Berlin and is closest to all the manufacturers and a dozen watchmakers. It has a Sohne and Lange and an original Nomos Glashutte that has the top revenue of the manufacturers of Glashutte.

Nomos is one of the Werkbund Deutscher members and one of the association’s German artists like designers and architects. This was founded during the year 1907. It gave rise to Bauhaus’s movement and was designed and associated with the ethos during the mid and early times of the 1900s. Schwertner founded this in the year 1990 of January.

He was a computer and photographer geek with no experience of watch designs in a matter of two months during the Berlin wall fall. This watch was also founded during the time of the Glashutte watchmaking and the modem Sohne and Lange. The first production of this watch experienced some problems up to this day. 

The A Lange owned the group of Richements and the original Glashutte. The group of Swatch also held it in 2000 that remains as an independent group of manufacturers. They are one of the true and few independents in watchmaking, and the independent watches at an accessible price to the public.

Nomos First Collection And The Tangente

This Nomos watch was launched during its first batch of the collection back in 1991, and it features the Tangente, Tetra, Ludwig, and the Orion. These were designed and formed by Gunther Susanne, and it was also featured in a Bauhaus, minimal, and clean design. It can also be for any sexes with a 35 mm for the rounded models of it.

It is a two-tone-designed watch that has an eighties vibe. Nomos has proven the durability of this watch, and it is comfortable for any gender to boost the formula and mix of the brand. The series of their collection was a success because Tangente designed it. It has a 35 mm watch with a round shape and a classic design of Bauhaus.

This watch was inspired by the Bauhaus watch style’s pioneering batch, and these watches were released during the year 1937. It is a dead ringer for the Nomos modern Tangente. This watch has a classic design that fits any person who loves to wear formal attire. This watch was trendy in the market and one of the most favorite people who love watches.

Nomos In House Movements

This watch was launched in the year 1992 until the year 2005, and the Nomos watch used an ETA Swiss or the movements of the Peseux ebauche. They are based on the trends of the Peseux 7001, and it has a Glashutte style of finishing on its side. The watch plates are also coordinated to have oxidation and are resistant to the gilded and blasted watch design.

Many modifications were made to this watch, and the Nomos company requested to use their brand name on the movements of the watch back in the year 1997. So they transformed the watch’s movements in March 2002, and the company has modified the name of the watch into a Nomos 1t.


Nomos watch has a lot of unique and limited edition timepieces. They are the most famous watch that has partnered with the Doctors Without Borders brand. They also put the Doctors Without Borders watch on sale together with the Neomatik steel bracelet edition. After selling the watch, the money will go straight to the organization of humanitarian aid.

This watch is best for people who love affordable luxury watches. It has pioneered to be one of the space unisex watches that luxury watches have designed. Both genders can enjoy this watch because it will perfectly fit any outfit that they will wear. This watch will make you want to understand and learn the history of the designs of Bauhaus.