Fortnite Pro’s 58-year-old mother signed as content creator

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Esports expert 58-year-old mother hired as Fortnite content creator

While parents usually refrain from children to participate more in video games, Fortnite pro player’s 58-year-old mother recently signed a contract with a game influencer organization to gain a position in the highly competitive gaming space. I tied it. Yes, you heard it correctly! Anne Fish, who became a Fortnite streamer just a year ago, will be paid by a game influencer organization for Twitch streams and YouTube videos.

Well, if you previously thought Anne was crazy about Fortnite and other Battle Royale titles, you’re completely wrong. She is, in fact, the mother of popular esports player Benjy Fish, who started her professional esports career at Fortnite a few years ago.

Ann managed her son’s career in the professional sports scene before he started playing Fortnite a year ago. She says she entered the game because she wanted to understand it better. She also admits that she hasn’t picked up a controller since playing a game on her eldest son, the Nintendo 64, about 15 years ago.

“It was really bad at first. I just camp and hide from other players in case I was killed. Slowly, you know, I started to get better. My reflexes. My nerves aren’t as good as younger players, so I have to be more strategic. I thought it was really cool to see if I could get into the champions division solo. “ she said BBC In a recent statement.

After getting the hang of the game, she started streaming from her room and became a popular face on the Fortnite community on Twitch and YouTube. Now, a game-influencing company called Galaxy Racer has offered Anne a deal that allows her to make money from content on various social platforms.

Details of the deal are currently obscured, but Galaxy Racer CEO Paul Roy said “exciting” Ann “mamabenjy fishy” get fish As the latest addition to the roster.

“With years of industry experience, including managing Fortnite and managing Benjyfishy, ​​and a common passion for increasing the inclusiveness of games and esports, Anne has become a Galaxy Racer, demonstrating Fortnite skills in the recent tournament Aubameyang Cup. I’m proud to welcome you. Family, “ Roy said in a statement.

Therefore, Anne joins the Twitch and YouTube streams as mamabenjyfishy and pays for the content. But her ultimate dream is to challenge her son Benji at the Fortnite Arena someday. This is difficult because of the skill gap, she says. But nevertheless she said she would try, and we believe she can do it.