For safety reasons, Google will no longer display old apps in the Play Store

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Google aims to make the Play Store safer and more private, and to do so, we have announced a new policy to hide old and old apps from the App Marketplace. This new policy protects Android users from exposure to older apps that don’t have the latest security features and protects them from malicious intent.

Google Play Store hides old apps

Google Play Store Hide apps that target APIs that are almost two years older than the latest Android OS update.. Users with the latest devices and Android versions will not be able to find or download such apps.

Krish Vitaldevara, Google’s Director of Product Management, said in a recent official blog post:Today, as part of the latest Google Play policy update, we’ve extended target-level API requirements to protect users from installing apps that may not have the latest privacy and security features. You are performing the procedure.“”

Old app google play store policy

The idea is Users of new devices and Android updates should not obtain and use apps that do not support the security features associated with the latest devices. And software version.

The Beginning November 1, 2022, the new policy will be applied.Probably when the next Android 13 version started rolling out as a stable version. This can also happen on Android 12. Therefore, app developers need to make sure that their app matches the security features of the latest Android version so that it doesn’t appear in the Google Play store.

That said, anyone using older Android apps on older versions of Android can still find and use them. In addition, if older apps were previously downloaded, users can reinstall and use them. Google expects developers to meet these new API-level requirements and offer a six-month extension in case they fail to comply by November 1.

This new policy will be added to a similar policy for new apps that need to be submitted to the Google Play Store for review. New apps must meet the Android API level within a year of the latest major Android OS version. If this is not done, the app will not be published to the Play Store.